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Brexit is causing Brits to start preparing for Christmas now

Brexit is dominating our tv, radio and now it’s even going to affect Christmas as Brits are stocking up early for Christmas due to the Brexit deadline according to experts.

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Leading Christmas Tree business has reported a massive 112% increase in sales as us Brits stockpile for the Christmas period ahead of the October Brexit deadline.

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The news follows recent reports that a no-deal Brexit on 31st October could be ‘disastrous’ for Christmas, Christmastreeworld.co.uk have revealed that its sales have more than doubled from July last year, highlighting the effect that Brexit is having on Christmas already.

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Stephen Evans, Owner of premium online retailer, Christmas Tree World comments:

“Knowing the uncertainty in the retail climate due to Brexit looming, we have decided to futureproof ourselves for 2019, and have already secured stock in our warehouse for the year in preparation for the Brexit deadline of 31 October.

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“Ordering the stock so early in the year has given us the security of having it in our warehouse and ready to go. We’re pleased with how this futureproofing is already paying off – it is both preventing any logistical headaches for our team, whilst giving customers the peace of mind that they will have their Christmas tree well in time for Christmas.”

We’re off to stock up on more decorations!

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