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Brits want Woolworths back for Christmas

According to a new poll the one thing Brits want for Christmas is to bring back iconic stores with Woolworths being top of the tree!

Sorry we're closed store
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Now we all remember the Woolworths Christmas adverts from way back when, and you just can’t shrug off the Toys R Us theme tune, but what shops do us Brits truly miss every Christmas?

To find out, OnBuy.com surveyed over 2,000 British consumers. The survey comprised shops that have faced administrators, and subsequent closures – from Woolworths to Blockbusters – and required respondents to select the shop they wish they could bring back in time for Christmas.

Christmas shopping
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And the results may just surprise you: Wolworths and Toys R Us unsurprisingly came out on top with 58% voting they would love to see Woolies back this festive season however poor old Blockbusters received 1%, probably due to the likes of Amazon scooping up all the business.

Below is the top 10 results:
1. Woolworths 58%
2. Toys R Us 18%
3. BHS 6%
4. Borders 5%
5. Jane Norman 5%
6. C&A 3%
7. MFI 2%
8. Tie Rack 2%
9. Blockbuster 1%
10. Comet 0%

We wouldn’t say no to the original Pick and Mix store!

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