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Chococo’s Christmas Baubles are made from CHOCOLATE!

Handmade luxury chocolate company Chococo, has unveiled what we can only describe as the tastiest treats on the tree, as they launch these VERY realistic Chocolate Christmas Baubles.

Yes these are actually made of CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate Christmas Baubles
Image credit: Chococo

OK before hanging these onto your tree, you may want to know that these are actually chocolate, yes 100% chocolate WITH treats inside each one.

The bauble design was specially created by Chococo and comes in the following flavours:

VEGAN Milc Bauble made using local Malagasy cashew nuts.

Gold Bauble made from caramelised white chocolate for a nostalgic caramel flavour and is dusted with edible gold shimmer, so it even looks like a real decoration.

Dorset Sea Salt Caramel Bauble made from 45% Venezuelan origin milk chocolate and hand-decorated in stunning natural colours and edible shimmers to give it a truly festive look.

and last but by no means least,

Cocoa Beans Bauble made from 67% Madagascar origin dark chocolate and hand-decorated with naturally coloured cocoa butter and is both dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

They each come nestled in tissue inside a stylish cardboard box – plastic-free packaging.

We’re just not sure we could break them to eat? – who are we kidding.

Each chocolate bauble starts from £11.00 for 150g

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