Christmas Day is the WORST day for a birthday to fall on

It’s official – the worst day to have a birthday is Christmas day, according to Brits.

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A poll, done by Dr.Oetker, surveyed 2,000 adults found that Christmas day is the worst day for your big day to land on, followed by a ‘leap year day’ on 20th February.

The research was done to celebrate the ‘forgotten birthdays’ of Leaplings – a minority of Brits who only officially celebrate their birthday once every four years because they were born on 29th February, a date that only occurs during leap years.

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The best days to have a birthday is June 15 and one in seven said they would like their birthday to fall on summer solstice – 21 June, which is the longest day of the year.

This research was found by Dr.Oetker

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