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Christmas Decorations – Are Yours Already Up?

Have you already put your Christmas decorations up?  According to Christmas Tree World’s survey of 1,000 UK adults almost 1 in 10 (8%) of the UK population admitted that their decorations were already up.


A further 2.6 million will erect their Christmas tree before 1st December and 1 in 10 won’t be putting any decorations up.

The survey could also tell us that 56% of us will opt for an artificial tree following the trend for keeping their decorations up for much longer this year with only 17% heading off to find a ‘real tree’ which has a fairly short lifespan and drops pine needles continually. A further 7% said they will have an alternative Christmas tree such as a blossom tree or twig tree this year.

It’s not just real trees that are going out of favour, 49% of those surveyed said tinsel is a no go, suggesting that while Brits are keen to start enjoying their decorations, they are keeping it classy and modern.

image: Christmas Tree World

Stephen Evans, managing director at Christmas Tree World commented:“While following traditions is part of the magic of Christmas, the ritual of putting up the tree just 12 days before the big day is one that is slowly fading out.

“We’re seeing Christmas appear earlier in shops every year, so it’s only natural that many are embracing Christmas in their homes sooner with some putting up their Christmas decorations as early as September.

“It’s also fascinating to see so many households are opting for artificial trees over the real deal, but it makes sense as real trees have a lifespan of just 24 days in a centrally heated house, which doesn’t suit the needs of many UK families.”


With a wide range of beautiful, realistic artificial trees that even Santa will be Ho, Ho, Ho-ing about visit Christmas Tree World and take a look at their amazing range of Christmas trees.

Real or Artificial – which Christmas Tree do you prefer?

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