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Christmas Gift 2016 – Water Bobble Presse Coffee Press

Ever, like us, been travelling to work or an event and it’s so cold outside that all you want is a nice hot cup of coffee to warm you up? Then the Water Bobble Presse Coffee Press is exactly what you need! We’ve taken a look at everything the Bobble press can do below. We were kindly sent this to review.

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As we took the coffee press out of the box it wasn’t too heavy and felt like it had a good grip, so there was no need to worry it would slip out of our hands. It had a very sleek design making it look very stylish when we were traveling with it in tow – the Presse Coffee Press comes in black, red and silver.

So how do you make coffee from the Water Bobble press? All we had to do was place freshly ground coffee and hot water into the outer tumbler, which was really easy to do, then leaving it for three minutes as per the instructions, we pushed down the inner press and our fresh, hot coffee was ready to drink. This travel coffee press has 3 layers of insulation which meant that our coffee stayed hot for hours, and it did! The best part however was that even though the coffee was really hot the outside stayed nice and cool to hold. With the micro-filter there was no little bits of ground coffee that got through it was just finished coffee which didn’t taste bitter.

It was really easy to clean as well, we simply followed the instructions and used soap, warm water and then it was ready for our next cup of brewed coffee.

Overall we thought this WaterBobble Presse Coffee Press was a brilliant way to have hot, fresh ground coffee while on the go and would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone!

You can buy WaterBobble Pressee Coffee Press at Amazon UK.

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