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Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Stocking Fillers For Him And Her

It’s never easy trying to find some fun, cool stocking fillers so we have done a round-up of some our favourite stocking stuffers for men and women, we were kindly sent these to review, take a look at our thoughts on each if these items:

Mo Bro’s XL Grooming Kit

Mo Bro's Premium XL Grooming Kit and Beard Grooming Kit
Neatly packaged in an Aluminum Gift Tin the Mo Bro’s XL Grooming Kit contains all the required essentials a beards man will require. Featuring a 10ml Beard Oil, 15ml Mustache Wax, Beard Comb, Trimming Scissors, Beard Soap and a hessian bag to keep everything in one place when traveling.

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John said ‘The Mo Bro’s XL Grooming Kit contains everything this is required for perfect beard grooming and the subtle scent of vanilla and mango was an extra plus as I don’t do well with the heavier scents that usually come with men’s products. I would be delighted to find this in my Christmas stocking.’

Available from Amazon UK here.

White Glo Series

White Glo Diamond Series Whitening System lifts and removes years of stains safely as this is peroxide-free. Mandy from our team tried this kit and said: “In the kit there is a 50ml whitening gel which does around 35 applications, 1 mouth tray which fits both the upper and lower teeth at the same time and there is the whitening toothpaste which I used after the whitening kit.

White Glo Teeth

The tray was really comfortable to use and the whitening gel didn’t have a horrible taste like others do. I used it for around 10 minutes each day and noticed a difference in my teeth almost instantly. I also tried the toothpaste which again was great to use after using the whitening kit, it had a nice taste to it and made my teeth feel really clean.” White Glo teeth whitening kits and range can be bought at Boots

Newby Tea’s Crown Assortment

Newby Tea Assortment

The Green Tea Crown Assortment is the perfect gift for any tea lover. It has six different flavours, Jasime Blossom, Earl Green, Green Lemon, Oriental Sencha, Green Sencha and Moroccan Mint. Katy from our team who is a big fan of green tea said “I love different flavoured tea’s so I was really excited to try the Crown Assortment from Newby Teas. There was six different flavours to choose from so I tried the Green lemon first which was quite zesty but the lemon did not over power the taste of the tea. Next I tried both the green Sencha and Oriental Sencha both of which had a fragrant taste to them.

The Green Sencha was refreshing while the Oriental Sencha was quiet sweet to drink. The Earl Green is a classic and one of my favourites and was again quite sweet to drink but my ultimate favourite was the Moroccan Mint which was fairly strong with the peppermint but not too strong, left a lovely refreshing feeling and the green tea and mint flavours worked really well together, I would definitely buy the Newby Tea’s Crown Assortment again.” Newby Tea’s Crown Assortment is available for £15.00 from Newby Tea’s.

Ted Baker Beauty Bow Mia

Image Credit: Ted Baker

Ted Baker is always a popular choice at Christmas time and has brought out the brand new Ted Baker Beauty Bow Mia, here’s Holly’s thoughts: “I instantly fell in love with this beautiful bow-shaped pillow box it just looked so elegant and classy and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

There was a beautiful 30ml Sweet Treats fragrance which was in a lovely bottle with the Ted Baker logo on the front, it smelled of a soft floral fragrance but was not over-powering. There was also a bejeweled compact mirror which had a copper/rose gold finish to it and look really stylish.” Ted Baker Beauty Bow Mia is available from John Lewis

LondonSockCompany – One For Me, One For My Dad Gift Set

London Sock Company

How about a gift that is a two in one? LondonSockCompany have brought out ‘One For Me, One For My Dad’ sock gift pack. Here is what John from our team had to say about these: “Firstly I absolutely loved the idea that it is not just a set of socks for me but also a matching pair for a child as well. When I first picked up the socks I was impressed by the quality as these are made from Scottish Lisle Cotton and were really soft to touch, were wine red/burgundy in colour and had a rib style to them. When I put on the socks, they were really comfortable and looked really classy and stylish.

The pair for a child were the exactly same as the adult pair and are a great fit. The One for Me, One for my Dad gift sets came in a beautiful black gift box which again I thought was finished to a really high standard. These socks are a brilliant gift idea and I would recommend these to anyone looking for a bit of a different gift idea.”

LondonSockCompany One for me, One for my Dad gift set can be bought for £28.00 and is available in a wide range of colours and can be bought here

Herefordshire’s Wye Valley Brewery Gift Set

1985 Beer Set

Got a beer fan to buy a gift for? Herefordshire’s Wye Valley Brewery has brought out the perfect gift pack for Christmas. Holly from our team was keen to review this here is her thought: “The Herefordshire’s Wye Valley Brewery’s gift set is the perfect gift for any beer fan, it has two bottles of 500ml 1985 beer and a 1985 Pint glass. I tried the lager which is award-winning and I have to say I can see why.

To taste it is refreshing and has a malty taste to it and had a citrus taste to it but it was not over-powering and was smooth to drink. It has an alcohol content of 4.5% and to pour is quite light in colour. I really liked the lager and think the gift pack is the perfect gift for any beer lover.”

The Wye Valley Brewery gift set is available for £8.00 and can be bought here.

Millie Mackintosh Luxe Glow Body Beautifiers From Boots

Millie Mackintosh trio of body beautifiers is the perfect gift for her this Christmas. Boots kindly sent us this set to try out, here’s Mandy’s thoughts: “I really liked the carry case this gift set, it kept all of the products in one place and the bag could easily be reused. First up I tried the Body Cleanser which I placed a small amount onto a sponge and it was not harsh on my skin and left a really nice smell of jasmine which was not to strong and did not irritate my skin which can be a little sensitive sometimes.

I then used the Body Lotion which left my skin feeling really soft and had a light glow to it but it didn’t leave a greasy feeling like some other body lotions. I lastly tried the Face Spritz which when I closed my eyes and sprayed this left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed and the face spritz dried really quickly on my skin. It had a pomegranate smell but this again was not to strong and smelled really nice.

Millie Mackintosh Luxe Glow Body Beautifiers gift sets costs £18.00 and is available from Boots here

Mad Beauty Christmas Inspired Hand Sanitizer

Mad Beauty Sanitizers
Image Credit: Mad Beauty

In winter there are lots of bugs, cold and flu’s going around and while it’s hard to avoid getting the cold you could use Mad Beauty’s Hand Sanitizer gift set to make sure your hands are bacteria free. Elaine from our team said: There are three different designs and scents to choose from there is a Santa design which is Cranberry flavour and I did really like this one because I love the smell of cranberries it left a sweet smell on my hands.

There is also a Penguin which is Cherry flavour and a Snowman which is Marshmallow scent. The Marshmallow one was my favourite, it smelled just liked an actual Marshmallow, sweet and left my hands feeling clean and moisturized.

Mad Beauty’s Hand Sanisers can be bought for £2.99 each here

Masqd The Brow Set

Masqd Brow Set

Masqd Brow Set Set is a five piece high performance brow set. We were kindly sent this from Boots, Holly from our team had this to say: “I used all of the items included in this kit. I used the slanted tweezers to get rid of any stray hairs and used the brow shaping scissors to tidy my eyebrows.

Then I tried the Brow Spoolie to brush my eyebrows into shape which was great as the brush was not too hard on my eyebrows and gently brushes my eyebrows. Overall I loved the Masqd Brow Set as it really had everything I needed to keep my eyebrows tidy.”

Masqd The Brow Set is available from Boots for £12.50 and can be bought here

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