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Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Stocking Fillers For Teenagers

It’s never easy trying to find some fun, cool stocking fillers so we have done a round-up of some our favourite stocking stuffers, we were kindly sent these, take a look at our thoughts on each if these items:

Stocking Fillers Teenagers

White Glo Series

White Glo Diamond Series Whitening System lifts and removes years of stains safely as this is peroxide-free. Mandy from our team tried this kit and said: “In the kit there is a 50ml whitening gel which does around 35 applications, 1 mouth tray which fits both the upper and lower teeth at the same time and there is the whitening toothpaste which I used after the whitening kit.

White Glo Teeth

The tray was really comfortable to use and the whitening gel didn’t have a horrible taste like others do. I used it for around 10 minutes each day and noticed a difference in my teeth almost instantly. I also tried the toothpaste which again was great to use after using the whitening kit, it had a nice taste to it and made my teeth feel really clean. I also used the White Glo toothbrush which also helped alongside the whitening kit to help remove any stains and whiten my teeth. I would definitely use this again.”

White Glo teeth whitening kits and range can be bought at Boots

PDSA Slip-On Slippers
Image Credit: PDSA

PDSA SlumberzZZ Ladies Slippers

PDSA SlumberzZZ Ladies Slippers are simply stunning, Katy from our team said: “These slippers are so comfortable to wear on my feet, they didn’t slip off at all and felt really cushioned. I absolutely loved the cream cat design of the slipper and it even had little cat ears which was just so cute!

The inside of these are leopard print and are fleece lined so they also kept my feet really warm. I also love the fact that you can buy these from PDSA – the charity that provide free or very low cost treatment for animals, I will definitely be buying through them as not only are their products brilliant, it is for such an amazing cause!”

SlumberzZZ Cat Slippers can be bought directly from PDSA

Cocoa Fake Tan And Mitt

Cocoa Brown Fake Tan

Cocoa Brown Fake Tan is always popular at Christmas time. We all want that summer glow but as we’re in Britain it’s not always easy to get the good weather. So we tried the Cocoa Brown fake tan and this is what Katy from our team thought: “I’ve tried different fake tans in the past and they’ve either gone streaky or they have had a really bad smell to them but this one didn’t.

I simply squirted some of the tan onto the fake tan mitt and then began putting this onto my skin, it went on great as it was a mousse and after 1 hour I rinsed it off and it left a lovely summer glow, I would definitely use this fake tan again.”

Cocoa Brown Fake Tan is available from Superdrug

Spongelle Tuberose Sponge

Spongelle Shimmer Buffer Cleanse Buff Glow

Spongelle Shimmer Buffer Cleanse Buff Glow is a beautiful Shimmer Buffer with built-in body wash that would make the perfect gift for teens. Holly from our team tried this, here is what she thought: “When I first saw the Spongelle I was impressed with the texture of it as it wasn’t too hard nor was it too soft either which some buffers can be.

The smell is really nice as it is scented with sweet Tuberose and smells sweet, floral and has a slight hint of musk. To use this simply placed the sponge under water and squeezed the buffer so it absorbs the water, I then started to use this to cleanse my skin. It made my skin feel clean, fresh and left a really nice but not over-powering smell.”

Spongelle is available from LookFantastic.com

Ted Baker Bow
Image Credit: Ted Baker

Ted Baker Beauty Bow Mia

Ted Baker is always a popular choice at Christmas time and has brought out the brand new Ted Baker Beauty Bow Mia, here’s Holly’s thoughts: “I instantly fell in love with this beautiful bow-shaped pillow box it just looked so elegant and classy and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

There was a beautiful 30ml Sweet Treats fragrance which was in a lovely bottle with the Ted Baker logo on the front, it smelled of a soft floral fragrance but  was not over-powering. There was also a bejeweled compact mirror which had a copper/rose gold finish to it and look really stylish.”

Ted Baker Beauty Bow Mia is available from John Lewis

Primark Home Christmas Candle Range

Primark Home has some beautiful festive scented candles available, from Amber & Wild Sage to No 26 Frosted Woodland there is a scented candle out there to suit everyone. Elaine from our team said about these two candles: “The Amber and Wild Sage candle was a warm scent which came from the Amber and was beautifully balanced up by the Wild Sage which smelled of a sharp earthy scent.

Image Credit: Primark

No 26 Frosted Woodland with fresh pine and juniper berry is quite a strong smelling candle and can be burned up to 20 hours. I thought that it smelled really nice and filled the room full of its scent.  After around an hour or so, I blew the candle out and the scent lasted for ages which was great as sometimes the candle scents just disappear the minute you blow them out. It smelled of fresh pine which is like walking in the woods but was balanced up by juniper berries which is a fresh crisp smell and both balanced each other out perfectly.

Amber & Wild Sage and Frosted Woodland candles can both be bought at Primark Home

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

Monsoon Rose Gold perfume is the newest addition to the Monsoon range. Coming in a beautiful white and rose gold box this perfume would make the ideal stocking filler for any girl. Katy from our team said: “I really liked the Monsoon Rose Gold perfume the packaging was very stylish and classy and the bottle was made from glass and was clear so I could clearly see the rose gold colour.

When I opened the lid up I could instantly smell the perfume, not that it was too strong or over-powering but I could smell hints of rose, vanilla and lemon all of which work so well together. I didn’t need to squirt too much so the perfume will last me a while and the scent lasted more or less the whole day.”

Monsoon Rose Gold perfume is available from The Fragrance Shop

Know Cosmetics Range
Image Credit: Know Cosmetics

Know Cosmetics

What girl doesn’t like to receive some make up at Christmas? Know Cosmetics have the most amazing range out, Katy from our team tried a few of the products. “I really like trying out new makeup things especially things that will keep my makeup in place on a night out and I have to say that ‘No, My Lips Are Sealed’ was the perfect addition to my make up bag. I hate it when I’ve got lipstick on and it either goes onto my teeth or it smudges everywhere, so I put some of this on and it didn’t move all night.

I also tried the ‘No Thin Lips’ and was very impressed. I simply put a small amount of this over my lipstick and within around 30 seconds my lips started to tingle and I could feel my lips getting plumper. After around 1 minute the tingling stopped and my lips most definitely appeared fuller. The last thing I tried was the ‘No Bare Brow’ as with a lot of women I like to fill in my eye brows although I don’t want them to look unnatural and over-filled in. So I tried this from Know Cosmetics and it was ideal. It matched my eye brow colour and it didn’t go on to heavy or dark so looked really natural and on a plus side it didn’t smudge or run!.”

Know Cosmetics can be bought at Superdrug

L'Occtaine Crackers Collection

L’Occitane Crackers Collection

L’Occitane Crackers Collection contains 3 different crackers and each are different colours, there is a red pleasure and fragrance which contains a 35ml cherry blossom bath and shower gel, 35ml cherry blossom shimmering lotion and 10ml cherry blossom hand cream.  Elaine from our team who tried out all three of these crackers said that in the red cracker her favourite was the cherry blossom hand cream as this left her hands feeling smooth and soft and had a beautiful scent to it.

Next up is the yellow sweet time cracker which again contained three different products, 35ml shower oil cleansing and softening, 20ml amande milk concentrate and 10ml amande delicious hands. Elaine said “I tried all three of these and while I loved them all my favourite from this yellow cracker was the Amande Milk Concentrate, it smelled so nice – exactly like almond milk that you would drink and I loved the texture of this. Last up is the orange revitalizing moment cracker which again contained three L’Occitane products, 35ml relaxing shower gel, 33g effervescent revitalizing sugar cube and finally the 10ml lavender hand cream.

Trying all three of these Elaine said “I really couldn’t decide which of the three products included in this cracker I liked the best. The relaxing shower gel really did help me unwind after a long day at work, it had hints of lavender, orange and geranium essential oils and lavender just happens to be one of my favourite scents. It made my skin feel clean and left a gentle scent which was not over-powering. I also really liked the hand cream and the sugar cube which I dissolved in the water when I went for a bath. It smelled of mint and pine which made me feel revitalized and really made me feel fresh. I loved all three of these crackers in this L’Occitane Crackers Collection but I have to says the Orange Revitalizing Moment was my favourite one.”

L’Occitane Crackers Collection is available from L’Occtaine

Gillette Fusion Justice League Razor

Gilette Mens Razor
Image Credit: Gillette

Gillette Fusion razor is the perfect gift and this gift set also comes with four extra blades which have lubrication stripes before and after the blades, so no more irritated skin.

John from our team said “I had sensitive skin so really need a razor that won’t dry out my skin or irritate it and this Gillette Fusion razor was perfect. It gave me a really close, clean shave and it was really comfortable to hold. I also really liked the Justice League theme the razor had to it!

Gillette Fusion Justice League Razor is available from Superdrug

Star Wars Stormtrooper Illumi-Mates Colour Changing LED Light

Star Wars Light

This colour changing Star Wars Colour Changing LED Light is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. It is in a Stormtrooper design and changes colour  automatically from green, red, purple, red and blue. Holly from our team said “This light is the perfect gift for any teenage Star Wars fan, not only does it change automatically in colour but it is battery operated so you can take it anywhere with you.”

Star Wars Stormtrooper Illumi-Mates Colour Changing LED Light is available from Amazon UK for [amazon_link asins=’B0170ZNX38′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’theboldblakbe-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’8d5f751e-be25-11e7-8019-2545c2097ef5′]

E-Coffee Naturally Organic Cup

E-Coffee Natual Cup

It’s winter and that means cold weather, so wouldn’t it be great to carry some coffee or tea around with you in an ecoffee cup? Elaine from our team said “This ecoffee cup is perfect for me as I am always on the go and sometimes don’t have the time to stop and get something hot to drink, so this was great to be able to have a hot cup of coffee while on the go.

I really liked the fact that it is made from renewable and biodegradable materials and has no plastic, so makes this better for the environment. It has a really stylish design and with the sleeve meant the ecoffee cup did not feel like it was going to slip out of my hands. The actual cup itself is dishwasher safe, although the sleeve and lid are not but this was still handy to wash each time I used it.”

Ecoffee cup is available from Ecoff.ee

Quiet Rebellion Set Of Socks Gift Set

Quiet Rebellion Socks

Socks at Christmas time are a must but what about some ultra-stylish socks gift set from Quiet Rebellion. John from our team tried these socks and said “Firstly I loved the design of all three pairs of these socks, they were modern, stylish but had a fun design on them. I put these on and really liked the fact that they were longer and the cuffs didn’t leave any marks on my legs.

They were quite thick so kept my feet nice and warm, what I also really liked was when I had on my work shoes they looked like a really smart pair of black socks and you could not see the pattern on them until I took my shoes off when I got home.”

Quiet Rebellion Set Of Socks Gift Set are available from Quiet Rebellion for £29.00

We would love to find these gifts from Santa in our stockings!

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