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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Drumond Park Super Ski Jump

Put your skiing skills to the test with Drumond Park’s Super Ski Jump Game. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what we thought.

Image credit: Drumond Park

The idea of the game is to earn points by jumping the farthest, doing tricks and sticking the landing as you tackle the slope. You will feel every inch like the winter Olympian as you play this family fun game.

We earn a commission for products purchase through some links in this article.


Drumond Park Super Ski Jump
Image credit: Drumond Park


  • Take-Off Ramp
  • Landing Ramp
  • Snowboard
  • Skis
  • Bath Tub
  • Sledge
  • 4 x Figures
  • Decal Sheet
  • Score Cards
  • Distance Chart
  • Instruction Sheet

Mandy and Katy from our team were the lucky ones to try our Drumond Park’s Super Ski Jump, here’s what they thought:

Mandy said: “I love watching the winter Olympics and always fancied a go at doing some of the jumps & tricks. I think it’s fair to say that playing Drumond Park’s ‘Super Ski Jump’ is a much safer way to do it (and it doesn’t require me to exercise which is always a bonus!). It took us all of 2 minutes to set this up and it’s really straight forward to play.

Drumond Park Super Ski Jump
Image credit: Drumond Park

As per the instructions I selected a figure to use and chose the Snowboard, which meant for every trick landed I could earn 150 points.  Then placing the snowboard at the top of the ramp I turned the wheel and was ready to go. Pressing down on the lever which raised the ramp, my character went flying and I counted the amount of flips which were done including a double flip which meant I was awarded 200 points and landed under the banner and awarded a further 250 points!

We earn a commission for products purchase through some links in this article.

Next up was Katy’s turn who had picked the Bath tub, Katy said: “This is definitely a fun game for everyone. Obviously children will love it, but adults will also enjoy too, I know we did! It’s easy to play and quite addictive. I couldn’t wait for my turn to try and beat Mandy’s score. Selecting the bath tub which gave me 150 points I was ready to try and get as many flips as possible. So I placed the bath on the ramp, turned the wheel and my figure went flying down the ramp, doing not one, not even two but three flips and not only that I landed at the starting position giving me a massive 300 points…not that I’m gloating or anything!

Drumond Park Ski Jump 2018 Game
Image credit: Drumond Park

Continuing to play this game for the three rounds saw Katy being crowned champion after Mandy’s attempts at landing the jump failed miserably!”

Drumond Park Super Ski Jump is suitable for ages 8 years and up and costs around £19.99 from Argos

We can’t wait to challenge anyone to this game.

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