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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Hexbug Robot Wars House Robot Matilda

Sit back and relax as you recreate ‘Hexbug Robot Wars House Robot – Matilda’s greatest victory’ from the comfort of your favourite armchair. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s our thoughts

Image of Hexbug Matilda
Image credit: Hexbug

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Suitable for ages 8 and over, the Matilda battery operated Hexbug, (batteries included) is scaled to match the others in the range and is priced at around £34.99. A small, neat remote control is also part of the package and can be found in front of Matilda’s black tusks.

John from our team was the lucky person chosen to review this, John said:

Image of Hexbug Matilda

“Battle-axe Matilda has the power and control to flip other Hexbugs, and I couldn’t wait to see Matilda in action. Setting this up was really easy as batteries were already included and it was as easy as removing from the box and placing on the ground.  The spikes on Matilda were not sharp either and are safe to touch. Using the remote I paired the remote with the Hexbug by pressing the power button which is on the bottom of the robot and that was my Hexbug paired with other players.

I then began the battle, Matilda easily flipped over other competitors which was controlled by the press of a button.  This also features a pink vertical flywheel which easily decimated any adversaries armour, Matilda also has wheels on either side which help gave her continual motion, so there was no need to worry about Matilda falling over.

Image of Hexbug Matilda out of the box

Made up of overlapping purple scales, Matilda’s white tusks of terror added an extra level of power while the black tusks of power that are attached to the front of Matilda gave her flipping power that can launch other Hexbugs into the air which was a lot of fun to do. It didn’t just flip other Hexbugs a little, Matilda really gave them a good flip over!

Overall I thought this Hexbug was a lot of fun and I loved the way I could compete with up to four other players.”

Priced around £34.99 Robot Wars House Robot – Matilda can be purchased HERE and more information can be found at Hexbug.

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