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Christmas Gift Review 2018: My Fairy Garden

Attract fairies to your garden with My Fairy Garden from Interplay, suitable for ages 4 and over the beautifully decorated box contains everything children will need to make an enchanting fairy garden. We were kindly sent this to review.

Fairy Door Garden

Shy 9 year old, Fairy Belle, lives in the pretty cottage with the sparkly roof along with her mouse friend, little owl and robin.  She has many hobbies and loves to grow micro greens, cooking, writing and listening to stories.  Her favourite colours are mint green and ice blue and she has one older brother.

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Children age 4 and over will really enjoy creating their own Fairy Garden playset.   Fun and also educational, children will have fun putting in the compost, sewing their own grass seed and waiting patiently(?) for it to grow.

We were kindly sent this to review and Holly from our team was very happy to review this and said “Inside the box kids will find everything they need to create their own beautiful living fairy garden where 9 year old Fairy Belle lives in the pretty fairy cottage with the glittery roof.

My Fairy Door

Putting this together was quite a lot of fun as I could use my own creativity to design the garden and house how ever I wanted to. Putting all of the pieces together was easy and they simply clicked in place and there was an included packed of grass seed which I could use after I had finished my garden design. It didn’t take long for the seed to grow and before I knew it, I had my very own fairy garden.

My Fairy Includes

The accessories such as the mouse, house, mushroom flowers, washing line etc were all finished to a high standard and they didn’t feel like they would break with the simplest of bumps.”

Included in My Fairy Garden box is:

  • Fairy Garden Bowl
  • Fairy Belle Figure
  • Mouse Figure
  • Oyster Shell (water feature)
  • Sparkly Fairy Cottage
  • Clothes Line with Posts & Pegs
  • Blanket (for clothes line)
  • Packet of Grass Seed
  • Coloured Gravel
  • Fairy Mushrooms
  • Fairy Flowers
  • Fairy Stars
  • Colour Booklet

Create a magical fairy oasis with the My Fairy Garden, all you’ll need is a sprinkle of fairy dust and a little imagination.

My Fairy Garden can be bought online from Argos for £14.99

Will you buy My Fairy Garden this Christmas? Let us know.

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