Christmas Gift Review 2019: AC Knitwear Boost Your Knitting book

Knitting someone a shawl or a scarf for Christmas is a beautiful, thoughtful gift but what if your unsure where to start? AC Knitting has got you covered. We were delighted when craft experts AC Knitwear kindly sent us over a copy of their new Boost Your Knitting book, here’s what Elaine thought.

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Are you one of the UK’s 7.3 million knitters? Now is a good time to start your Christmas shopping so if you’re looking for the perfect present for the knitter in your life,  look no further than the latest book and kits from craft experts AC Knitwear, inside the book you will find step by step knitting instructions as well as how to fix an error.

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Image credit: AC Knitting

Elaine from our team was keen to review this book and said: “Are you like me and haven’t picked up a pair of knitting needles since leaving school?  The older we get the less we try out new things and panic about getting it wrong. When we were young we had no fear about trying new things, but as the years go by it becomes harder and harder to take a risk. Yes, like us all, you’re bound to make a few mistakes, drop a few stitches etc, but who do you know that gets everything right first time around?

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AC Knitting was packed full of new set of techniques and it was really easily to follow, and was full of helpful hints and tips. I learned brand new techniques including how to do double knitting, finishing techniques which I have always struggled with and joining in yarns for colourwork. By the time I had gone through this helpful book I felt really confident in my knitting skills and I am even attempting my own Christmas gifts!”.

Every product you attempt will stretch your confidence, finding a mistake a few rows back really isn’t the end of the world and the buzz you’ll get when you fix it will have those needles clicking faster than you ever thought you could.

Image credit: AC Knitting

AC Knitwear’s Boost Your Knitting collection would make a great Christmas  gift for knitters. It includes twelve gorgeous patterns from twelve fabulous designers, twelve sets of detailed knitting techniques complete with photo tutorials, and most importantly, twelve opportunities for knitters to experience the joy of mastering something new!

Boost Your Knitting book can be bought online from AC Knitting here.

Will you surprise your family and friends with a hand knitted gift this Christmas?

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