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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Christmas Tree World 8ft Pre-Lit Mountain Pine

Each year we adorn our homes with a Christmas tree. It is the most important ‘feature’ of our homes over the festive period which is why it’s important to find the ‘perfect’ tree. 

Luckily for you, we here at UTCT have soured the web and found the pièce de résistance of Christmas Trees. Get ready to welcome the Christmas Tree World Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Artificial Tree to your home for 2019 which we were kindly sent.

We were very lucky to be sent the Christmas Tree World 8ft Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree as we highlighted it specifically as ‘the’ tree.

Much like the Rockefeller Centre, UTCT HQ spend months throughout the year scouring the internet to find the ‘perfect’ tree and we found it!

You can choose between 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft or 10ft height variations.

The one we chose is the 8ft one which is pre lit with 700 LED lights and has a whopping 3554 branch tips.  The lights are scattered evenly throughout the tree and at first glance looks like a ‘real’ Christmas Tree (minus shedding pine needles!).

We assembled the Tree and wanted to share our thoughts:

“We’ve heard amazing things about this Tree and were so excited to get it out of it’s box and set up. We unboxed everything within 5 minutes or so and assembled the tree stand within a minute or two, which was very straight forward using the pins provided.

First off, we placed the bottom piece into the stand, then added the two other pieces. Rookie mistake! Doing it this way proved problematic, as finding the connectors for the lights was tricky once assembled. We decided to take the top two pieces off and work from the bottom up. We lined up the connectors (which was very straight forward once we realised it was better to work with one section at a time).

Once everything was connected properly, we plugged it in (the adapter is taped to the inside of the box) and the tree lit up. The lights are beautifully scattered throughout the tree and with the push of a button on the adapter, the lighting pattern changes from static, to twinkling and more.

The tree itself has mixed textures, giving this a realistic finish. The tree ‘trunk’ is adorned with faux pine needles which really blends the tree perfectly, plus the colours of the trunk look very much like an outdoor version.

Image credit: Christmas Tree World

Each branch can be ‘manipulated’ so that they are pointing in different directions (or upwards as the instructions recommend) to give a realistic appearance.

We really love this Christmas Tree and would recommend it to anyone looking for a realistic looking, traditional, pre lit Christmas Tree.”

The Christmas Tree World 8ft Pre-Lit Mountain Pine is available from Christmas Tree World and is available in a variety of sizes.

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