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Christmas gift review 2019: John Adams Bank Attack

You’ve only got 5 minutes to pull off the heist of the century with Bank Attack, can you do it?  We were kindly sent John Adams Bank Attack, here’s what the team thought.

Image of John Adam's Bank Attack game

We’ve heard quite a lot about the new Bank Attack game and we were all excited to try it. This is a 2-4 player game, so Holly (myself), Katy, Elaine and Mandy all decided to try and pull off the heist of the century.

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The first thing we did was take all of the contents out of the box, this included the electronic safe (this required 3 x AA batteries, however these were not included), 12 gold bars, 20 money bills, instructions and 8 tools. The tools included a headset, explosives, goggles, flash light, drill, map, gloves and a laptop. We took a look at the instructions which stated the aim of the game was to pull off the heist of the century in less than 5 minutes.

Image of John Adams Bank Attack unboxed

We have to work together as a team and follow the instructions carefully and make no mistakes to open the vault, get the gold and get a bonus of 50 million.

We then installed the batteries into the safe, removed the lid on top and placed the gold bars into each of the 12 slots and placed the lid back on, placing the safe into the middle of the table.

Next up we each chose which role we wanted, Elaine was Money Man, Mandy was Hacker, Katy was Explosives Expert and Holly was the Lookout and each sat at the right place of the safe so we could easily reach our buttons.

Image of John Adams game
Image credit: John Adams

We divided the money into 3 piles as per the instructions, placed these close to the safe and then put the 8 tools near the safe. We then selected the first level and we were off, The Boss began to give different commands such as “Hacker get the headset” so Mandy had to grab the headset and put it in front of her and pressed the green hacker button. Next up The Boss shouted: “Explosives Expert, get the goggles”, so Katy grabbed the goggles and pressed the orange button on the safe.

The game continued with The Boss shouting out different commands including, “Pass the laptop to the Hacker”,  Elaine from our team had to quickly pass the laptop to the Hacker and press the button. There was also a command which saw us having to trade one tool for another and press the buttons.

Image from John Adams bank attack
Image credit: John Adams

Once all the commands had been followed correctly, The Boss would then shout out ‘Use the Drill’ and who ever had the drill, which was Holly, had to press the button quickly, however a mistake was made, Elaine thought that she had the drill and pressed her button which saw us making a mistake. We did make 3 mistakes and the game announced we only had one mistake left and if we made another mishap the alarm and police sirens would sound.

Fortunately we navigated through all of the different levels, each getting harder and harder as we tried not to make any more mistakes. In levels 2 to 6, the game only allows 3 mistakes before the alarm went off, so this was an extra element of pressure. We managed to play the perfect game and the safe opened to reveal all of the gold and as we made all the right moves, we could collect the 50 million bonus!

Overall we felt that the game itself was really good fun, it encouraged good team work but it did keep you on edge to make sure we didn’t make any mistakes!

You can watch Mandy below as she unveils and talks all about one of 2019’s top Christmas games.

John Adams Bank Attack game costs £24.99, is suitable for ages 7 years + and more information can be found here.

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