Christmas gift review 2019: OranguTwang Stacking Game

OranguTwang is a fun, suspenseful and wild game, where you hang fruit and jungle friends on the orangutan, but as he holds too much, watch as he’ll spring up and sends everything flying! We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Holly and Elaine from our team thought.

How much can you hang before he goes twaaang?

Image of Interplay Orangutwang game
Image credit: Interplay

Elaine  said: “When this arrived in the office, I thought it looked and sounded like a lot of fun, so I got my colleague Holly to come and set Orangutan up and challenged her to play the game.

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Included in the colouful box is a 2-piece base, 2 palm trees with Toucan Lever and Vine String, OranguTan, 14 Hanging Pieces and a dice.  Setting up the game couldn’t have been easier.  We quickly assembled the base and trees as per the instructions, pulled the Toucan Lever up until it clicked, then placed the Orangutan and hung him from the string between the two trees and placed all the pieces in the base and dice.

Image of Orangutwang game what is in the box

Holly managed to say “banana” five times quicker than I did, which meant she was first to play.  She then rolled the dice and it landed on a Pineapple which she took and placed on the Orangutan. Next up was my turn, I rolled the dice and I got a star which meant I lost my turn and didn’t have to place any game pieces on the Orangutan. So it was back to Holly and she landed on a coconut which she placed on him.

Image of Orangutwang game

We carried on with the game until it was my turn and I had to hang a bat but it was all a bit too much as the Orangutan went twang and I lost! So that meant that Holly was the winner and she got to do her best Orangutan dance.

Overall I thought OranguTwang was a great game that had you on the edge of your seat as your turn came around, brilliant!”.

OranguTawng by Interplay is suitable for ages 4 years +, costs £19.99. More information can be found here.

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