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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Phillips Steam & Go

Christmas is the one time of year when we want our clothes to be ‘party ready’ in an instant, which is why we were thrilled to kindly be gifted the Phillips Steam & Go GC 362 and wanted to share our thoughts.

Phillips Steam & Go GC 362
Image credit: Phillips

First off, a bit about the Phillips Steam & Go GC 362.

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This is a handheld steamer that is designed for garments and all fabrics. No ironing board is needed and this even has a ‘no burns’ guarantee, meaning you can safely de-crease without worrying that you may burn yourself, thanks to its smartflow heated plate which also allows for both Vertical and Horizontal steaming.

Included in the Steam & Go are:

  • Detachable 70ml water tank
  • brush
  • safety glove
  • heat resistant bag

We asked Holly from the team to test this out. Here’s her thoughts:

“As someone who is guilty of neglecting the iron, I have to say this appealed to me because of how easy it looks and the fact that I don’t need an ironing board! Hurrah!

Setting this up was as simple as plug and play. Obviously you need to add water to the detachable water tank to ensure you get steam and to get the best results.

I first used this on an evening dress to test it out. It took roughly 30 seconds to start up and within 2/3 minutes my dress was crease free! This is the kind of device that makes you want to de-crease everything you see so my sights were set on some curtains which had been looking a bit creased and limp. Within 5 minutes or so, my curtains had a new lease of life and were looking fantastic.

So far, I’ve used this on bedding, clothing, curtains and throws. I’m so impressed at how easy this is to use and how quickly it is to use. This does leave your garments somewhat damp to touch but dries within a minute or so.

All in all, this is ideal for people like me who has no time (or will) to use an iron/ironing board. I have my eyes on the Christmas tablecover to de-crease next!”

More information on this handheld steamer can be found at Philips and this is available at buy Amazon.

We were kindly sent this to review but all thoughts are our own.

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