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Christmas Gift Review 2019: TicPods Free Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

TicPods Free are wireless earbuds which deliver crisp audio. We were kindly sent these to review, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

TicPods Free Headphones
Image credit: TicPods

Mandy said: “I love music and listening while I’m on the go and sometimes the cables on headphones can be really annoying as they get tangled all of the time so I was really excited to try the TicPods Free earbuds. These comes in a small, compact box which is also the way to charge up the earbuds, I thought was was such a great feature as I didn’t have to worry about trying to find somewhere to charge these up on the go and also meant they stayed in a safe place.

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TicPods Free Box

In the box the headphones flash blue and this is the earbuds entering Bluetooth mode. So to pair these I turned on my phone and went to my Bluetooth devices and the TicPods Free came up, I simply tapped the name and that was my device and the earbuds now paired together.

TicPods Free Box Open

Putting these in my ears were very comfortable and didn’t hurt like some other earbuds can. I began to play some of my favourite music and I have to say the audio quality as amazing. I could clearly hear the songs in both of my ears and it was crisp. One feature I will mention which I loved was the fact that when I took either of the earbuds out they automatically stopped playing my music and when I put them back in they would resume.

TicPods Free Box On

I could also easily control these by pressing for two seconds on the right earbud to control the music including skipping songs, make calls and even more. The earbuds were also water and dust resistant which is ideal in the cold, wet winter mornings. The battery lasted ages, I left liked I had used these for hours and still I didn’t need to charge these up in the charge case. However when I needed to charge up the charge case I simply connected it up to my computer using the included USB charging cable and the TicPods Free charger case was ready to go again!

Overall I was highly impressed with the audio quality, charging case and the comfort the TicPods Free had, brilliant set of earbuds!”

TicPods can be bought online for £119.99 here.

We were kindly sent these to review however all thoughts are our own.

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