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Christmas Gift Review 2023 – ZeroWater Ready Read Jug

If you want clean, healthy and tasty water, yes water! then check out our review on why ZeroWater Ready Read Jug is the perfect pick this Christmas.

ZeroWater Ready Read Jug

Let’s face it the run-up to the festive season is extremly busy, with gift buying, decorating the tree to prepping as much food as possible (if you can manage to not pinch a mince pie or two) so keeping hydrated is essential which is why we love how quick and easy ZeroWater Ready Read Jug is.

Beginning with the essentials, this is the first water filter jug with a built-in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter, which basically means it measures the minerals and other substances that are dissolved in water and remove 99.6% from your water.

ZeroWater Ready Read Jug Box

Eco-Friendly in fact it can save up to 150 single-use plastic bottles per filter or up to 2100 bottles a year, now that’s impressive and there’s also a change filter indicator to let you know when you need to replace filters.

Setting up is really easy, and we love that there are not any unruly cables to have to plug in, this also makes it far easier to place in your home. Simply fill the jug up with tap water and the filter takes care of the rest.

Once we’d added in our water we wanted to check our water quality with the free meter included and to our surprise it came back as 80+ once we used the filter it hit 000!

ZeroWater Ready Read Jug Meter

As for taste, we’re always pretty sceptical about these types of products because we tend to think but is the taste that much different, the simple answer – is YES!

The water didn’t have that tangy sort of taste and there really was a difference.

ZeroWater Ready Read Jug filled

Priced at £44.99 which you can buy here, the ZeroWater Ready Read Jug can help to reduce your risk of developing a variety of health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease.

The perfect Christmas present for family and friends, for easy, healthy and clean water in seconds.

Buy ZerWater Ready Read Jug here for £44.99.