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Christmas Gift Review: Roomba® j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

Technology is always moving and there are lots of gadgets that make our lives a little bit easier, so we were excited to give the Roomba® j7+ Robot Vacuum a try which we were kindly sent to review.

Roomba® j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum
Image credit: iRobot

“When the new Roomba® j7+ Robot Vacuum arrived in the office, we were really excited to give this a try as trying out new gadgets to help make things easier especially when we are all so busy.

To set the Roomba j7+ was quick and easy, we removed the j7+ out of the box and it wasn’t overly heavy or bulky and put the Home Base® charging station flat against the wall and on a level floor surface as per the instructions. Then plugged one end of the cord into the Home Base® and into the wall outlet and then placed the Roomba® onto the Home Base® to charge.

After that, we simply downloaded the HOME App using one of our smartphones connected this to our Wi-Fi, and left the Roomba j7+ to charge for around 3 hours, set up the Precision Vision Navigation™ so the machine could avoid any obstacles and then it was ready to use.

Roomba® j7 Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner, £619.00: SHOP HERE

To start the Roomba® j7+ we pressed the clean button on the j7+ which also allows you to pause and resume and the robot was on its way. The robot instantly began going around cleaning the floors in neat rows which felt like it was done and finished in no time.

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The robot was not loud and it was really quite lightweight to hold and we have to say, the floor looked brilliant, it hadn’t missed anywhere, all of the dirt was picked up and when it was on an area that was a little bit dirty, the robot changed to Dirt Detect™ mode and went forwards and backward to remove and clean the dirt and flashed blue when it was in this mode. There is a front camera so it can detect when there are obstacles in the way so it does not hit them.

Once the Roomba® j7+ was finished, we simply pressed the clean button down for around 3 seconds and that ended the job and it went back to its charging station and started charging up. The ring light went white which indicated it was charging and once it was finished, the ring light then began pulsing white at the back.

The Roomba® j7+ vacuum cleaner is self-cleaning and you do not need to empty the bin very often but if you need to, it was quick and easy to do so, we simply removed the bin by holding onto the filter at both ends and pulling it out and emptied the contents into the bin, making sure we tapped the filter to remove any debris which might have gotten trapped and then put the filter back in and put the bin back in the robot, ready to use again.

Overall, we were really impressed with the Roomba® j7+ vacuum cleaner, it was easy to set up, we loved how good our floors looked and the biggest feature we liked was the fact that it was self-cleaning and went back to its charging station when the job was finished – perfect to help with cleanup after a party and will definitely be part of our everyday cleaning routine!”

The Roomba® j7+ is available to buy online from iRobot.co.uk for £619.00.