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Christmas Movies From The 1930’s

Christmas movies are always hugely popular and there’s nothing better than watching one to put you in the festive mood.  We take a look at the movies which were popular during  1930.

In the 1930’s, it was commonplace to go to the cinema halls to watch a Christmas movie and give the family that festive feeling.

There were many popular Christmas movies from the 1930’s including:

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‘A Christmas Carol’ was released in 1934 and featured everyone from Scrooge to Jacob Marley. This film has been remade dozens of times since the original release and is still a Christmas favourite to this day.  Based on the story written by Charles Dickens, this festive favourite lasts for 69 minutes.

The film was even remade into Scrooge just a year later in 1935 where sound was added to the movie. Directed by Henry Edwards, the movie heard the voices of ghost Jacob Marley.

Another Christmas movie that was popular in the 30’s was Babes In Toyland which featured Laurel and Hardy. The film was released in 1938 and was popular due to its hilarious content.  The film lasts just 70 minutes which in comparison to today’s movies is quite short, films today are known to last a minimum of 90 minutes, with many movies lasting more than 180 minutes.

Christmas Comes But Once A Year was released in 1936 and is a real heart warmer.  The movie see’s a generous man helping children at an orphanage who received broken toys at Christmas.  The film starred actors Jack Mercer and Mae Questel.

Up next on our Christmas Movies From The 30’s List is ‘The Captains Christmas’ which is an animated movie made in 1938.  The cartoon style movie was perfect for children and for getting you in the festive spirit.  The characters head into town and sing for the public, only to have things thrown at them to make them stop! (This is definitely something we at UTCT can relate to. )

Another animated Christmas movie was ‘The Pups’ Christmas’.  The heart melting movie see’s two puppies on Christmas morning and their antics against the toys Santa Claus left for them.  The puppies destroy all the toys because they were afraid of them.  We think their parents may be less than impressed with the mess.

With so many Christmas movies, it’s no wonder the cinema was so popular during the 1930’s.

What vintage movies  get you into the Christmas spirit?

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