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Christmas Pudding Fire Crisis!

We’ve been there,  It’s Christmas day and while ten of our family members wait with anticipation for the Christmas pudding to come through, we realize it’s gone on fire in the microwave. Queue fire extinguishers whilst your guests tuck into the backup trifle you prepared “just in case”.

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Well it seems someone is getting into the spirit of Christmas almost as early as we are, after emergency services were called to a residence to assist with a microwave fire caused by cooking a Christmas pudding… in September.

Firefighters in Devon were called to a fire in a residence where a Christmas pudding was being cooked in the microwave and accidentally caught fire. Thankfully, the fire was small and was dealt with without any casualties.

We’ve had all sorts of Christmas food related disasters! For example UTCT’s very own Elaine cooked her Turkey overnight on Christmas Eve as she did most years. When the family came down stairs to see if Santa Claus had been the following morning, the entire house was filled with steam. Yes, oil had spilled inside the oven and caused a steam filled house on Christmas morning. It took three hours to clear the house although thankfully you will all be pleased to know that Santa had in fact been. Phew.

Whilst Elaine will never again cook the Turkey overnight (lesson well and truly learned!), she also had some wise words for all you Christmas pudding cookers:

“Be sure to only cook for the stated time and don’t add alcohol until after it has been heated”.

Wise words Elaine. Wise words.

What Christmas food disasters have you experienced? we would love to hear your stories!

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