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21 Christmas quiz questions and answers for family and friends

Get ready for the best ready-made Christmas quiz! Test your festive music, film and TV knowledge with our 21 question and answers.

Are you a Noel-it-all?

The Ultimate Christmas Quiz for friends, family and kids

Quiz season has arrived and whether you’re enjoying it virtually or in a bubble then we’ve got your entertainment covered. So embrace your woolly Christmas jumper, grab pen and paper and get started with the most wonderful Christmas quiz of all below…NO CHEATING!

Christmas TV Quiz

1 In Downtown Abbey Christmas Special 2013 episode, an important letter was stolen from Freda Dudley Ward. Who stole it? (Answer: Sampson)

2 How many Christmas Dinners did Geraldine agree to eat in the Vicar of Dibley 1996 Festive Specials? (Answer: Three as Owen surprised her with a fourth!)

3 In the Only Fools and Horses Christmas Specials 1996 episode one, Heroes and Villains, Who did Del Trotter dress up as? (Answer: Batman!)

4 In Call the Midwife 2012 Christmas special who was in charge of arranging the nativity play? (Answer: Chummy)

5 Which shows 1996 Christmas special attracted the highest ever ratings for a comedy? (Answer: Only Fools and Horses)

6 Who proposed to who in the 2008 Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special? (Answer: Dave to Nessa)

hristmas Movie Quiz

7 In Christmas With the Kranks (2004) What do the Kranks decide to do instead of having a traditional Christmas? (Answer: A ten-day Caribbean cruise)

8 In White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Why is Waverly’s lodge unsuccessful? (Answer: There’s no Snow)

9 Who played the Prime Minister in Love Actually? (Answer: Huge Grant)

10 In which year was the film Home Alone released? (Answer: 1990)

11 In Will Ferrell’s Elf, what’s the first rule in the Code of The Elves? (Answer: Treat Every Day like Christmas)

Christmas Music Quiz

12 How many gifts in were given in The Twelve Days of Christmas Christmas carol? (Answer: 364)

13 In Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, what do we deck the halls with boughs of? (Answer: Holly)

14 Who was Christmas number one in 1973? (Answer: Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade)

15 Do They Know It’s Christmas has been recorded four times in the UK with different versions released in 1984, 1989, 2004 and 2014. It has two writers, who are they? (Answer: Mistletoe and Wine)

16 Complete the Wham! Christmas lyrics: “Last Christmas I gave you my heart/ The very next day…” (Answer: You gave it away)

Christmas Kids Quiz

17 What does Harry receive from Dumbledore during his first Christmas at Hogwarts? (Answer: Cloak of Invisibility)

18 In Frozen, who likes “warm hugs” (Answer: Olaf)

19 In Elf, what toy scares Buddy the most? (Jack-in-the-box)

20  In The Polar Express, What drink is served to the children on the train? (Answer: Hot Chocolate)

21 In The Grinch, What was the first thing he stole? (Answer: These stockings!)

We hope this has made your Christmas party super fun!