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Christmas Review 2017: Drumond Park Snotcha

Gross out your whole family with Snotcha the sneezy game that can get you wet! We were delighted when Drumond Park sent us a copy of this table top game. Ridiculously simple and hysterically funny this game is suitable for 2 – 4 players aged 5 and over, and we could hardly wait to open the box.

Snotcha Drumond Park

Inside the box is a giant sneeze spraying nose which has to be filled with water (as the battery housing is not waterproof please ensure that the feet are not attached prior to filling). 2 x AAA batteries are required (not included)and these should be fitted into Snotcha feet before play starts.

From that moment on it was fun all the way and  we were hooked!  Elaine shouted ‘right everybody, lock the doors. unplug the phone and get ready – cause we’re gonna play.

Hysteria was the order of the day as we told Katy she had the biggest nose (that didn’t go down well) and was to be first to face Snotcha and spin the spinner.  Not the luckiest member of our team, she  was first to spin the spinner and had to push down three times on the biggest nose I’ve ever seen, of course Snotcha couldn’t hold his sneeze for long and Katy ended up wet!

Holly was next to face ‘the nose’ followed by Elaine and finally the youngest of the team, Mandy.   As always Mandy was the luckiest of us all and became super smug when she managed to escape Snotcha’s wrath.  However, luck will out and on the very next round gave a whopping sneeze and the look of disgust on Mandy’s face had to be seen to be believed. On this occasion Holly was the winner, followed by Mandy, Katy and last but not least Elaine.Drumond Park Snotcha

Everyone had such a lot of fun playing this light hearted, sneeze spraying action game and we all agreed that Snotcha is a brilliantly loony game that’s set to be masses of fun for everyone this Christmas and with an RRP of £24.99 it won’t break the bank.

We would definitely play this again at Christmas time!

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