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Christmas Review 2017: Recoil Omniflex 1.0 Kneepads

Finding gifts that will be used outwith the fun two weeks of Christmas bliss can be a task. The Recoil Omniflex 1.0 Kneepads were designed to be useful throughout the entire year and are particularly sought after by those who suffer with arthritis and joint pain. We were kindly sent these to review.

Recoil knee pads

Let’s face it, a Christmas jumper and a bottle of fizz is all very good and well, but past the two weeks of festive bliss, it’s unlikely we’ll use them beyond that time, which is why we always try to find gifts that are useful and can be used throughout the entire year (although just to point out, if we’re given an ironing board this Christmas instead of a Christmas jumper, we will NOT be happy!) .

The Recoil knee pads are scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the knee, meaning these are ideal for people who work in the trades or who are keen DIY’ers.

Created by Victoria Hamilton after seeing her Father, a craftsman who suffers with Arthritis, having difficulty finding knee protection to help him day to day, which is why the Recoil brand was created.

Recoil is scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the knees by 76% in comparison with other kneepad brands and a 20% improvement shown in comparison to the nearest gel based competitor. Pretty impressive right?

Features of the Recoil OmniFlex 1.0 Include:

This surface is anti slip and has cut & abrasion resistance meaning this is flexible and secure for using.


The kneepads are multi directional meaning you can twist and turn to suit at the same time safe with the knowledge that you are secure on the floor surface.  John who tested these felt very sturdy and said it gave him much more cushioning when working outdoors.


There are Stainless Steal Springs inside the kneepads which absorb the impact of movements whilst you work, again John loved this as it took pressure of his knee’s and allowed him to do far more gardening than ever before as he was’nt in any pain.


These have foam padding and a breathable fabric with easy fit elastic securing straps for your added comfort.  John said these fitted like a dream and once the velcro was tightened he didn’t feel these come loose or uneven whilst gardening.

The Recoil OmniFlex 1.0 Kneepads are ideal for people who suffer with knee pain, who have jobs which require a lot of bending or who are keen DIY or gardening enthusiasts. The ultimate gift for gardeners this Christmas you can buy the kneepads for 49.95 from RECOILKNEEPADS.CO.UK

Will you be hoping to find these under your Christmas tree?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or alternatively get in touch using the social media icons.

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