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Christmas Tried And Tested Cakes And Puddings 2017

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a beautiful Christmas cake or a tasty pudding, so we’ve tried and tested this year’s must have cakes and puddings. We were kindly sent this to review, take a look at our thoughts below.

Ten Of Ten

Aldi Specially Selected Indulgent Chocolate Melting Snowflake Sponge Pudding


Aldi Melting Pudding
Image Credit: Aldi

Aldi’s melting snowflake pudding cake is very impressive to look at. The pudding is a chocolate sponge and in the middle has Ballycastle Irish Cream Toffee Sauce. The team were very impressed with this pudding, we each thought it looked great and would make a great centerpiece but absolutely loved the taste!

There was a perfect balance between the amount of sponge cake and toffee sauce there was. The toffee sauce was really delicious and we could really taste the Ballycastle in it. Overall we would recommend this sponge pudding and would definitely buy it again.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Indulgent Chocolate Melting Snowflake Sponge Pudding is available in stores.


Taste Test 2017: 9 out of 10

Waitrose Red Velvet Tree Trunk Cake

Price: £12.00

Waitrose Velvet Trunk
Image Credit: Waitrose

Now this was one cake that we were really impressed with. Waitrose Red Velvet Tree Trunk Cake has been decorated with the woodland theme and is chocolate and had four layers of sponge. When we first looked at this cake we were so impressed with the amount of detail gone into this cake and couldn’t wait to taste it.

Each layer was made up of four layers of red velvet sponge which gave a real festive look and was finished with Belgian chocolate buttercream. To taste the sponge was really soft and not at all dry and the chocolate was really tasty. Overall we thought this would make the perfect centerpiece for your table!

Waitrose Red Velvet Tree Trunk Cake is available online or in-store

Eight Of TenTesco’s Winter Woodland Cake

Price: £10

Tesco Woodland Cake
Image Credit: Tesco

Tesco’s Winter Woodland Cake is an impressive design and had really great flavours. We really liked when we cut into the layers that the cake had. It was really a soft cake with lots of tasty buttercream style icing on the top and there were chocolate decorations on top which were really smooth to taste and the nuts on top worked well with the sweetness and flavours of the cake.

Overall we were impressed with the taste of the Winter Woodland cake and felt it would make the perfect centre piece on any Christmas table.

Tesco’s Winter Woodland Cake is available online or in store.

Eight Of TenMarks And Spencer’s Santa’s Stuck In The Chimney

Price: £20.00

Image Credit: M&S

This impressive deep-filled cake is covered in milk chocolate and soft icing and when cutting into the cake reveals Santa’s belt which is made from black velvet sponge and soft icing. We tried this cake in the office and firstly couldn’t help but be impressed by how well this had been made. To taste the sponge itself was really moist and the icing was really tasty. Overall this was a lovely cake from M&S and the perfect show-stopper but would only recommend a small piece as it is quite sweet.

Marks And Spencer’s Santa Stuck In The Chimney Cake can be bought online or in store

Seven Half Out Of TenSainsbury’s Frosty Snowflake Iced Fruitcake Taste The Difference Cake

Price £5.50

Sainbury's Christmas Cake
Image Credit: UTCT

This was one of our favourites, its packed full of fruit such as raisins, cherries, and was laced with Cognac. We could really taste the cognac in the cake although this was not over powering and there was a generous amount of icing. Overall we were impressed with the taste but it was quite sweet and had an impressive gold leaf design.

This fruit cake is available from Sainsbury’s



Asda Extra Special Luxury Christmas PuddingTaste Test 2017: 7 out of 10

Price: £4.50

Asda Christmas Pudding
Image Credit: Asda

Asda’s Extra Special Luxury Christmas Pudding has been matured for nine months and is full of fruits, cherries and walnuts. In our taste test we thought this Christmas pudding tasted really nice, and was full of fruit and nuts but we couldn’t really taste the Cognac in it although that was a plus for Elaine in our office as she doesn’t like one flavour to over-power another.

Overall the pudding did taste really nice but we would have liked a slightly stronger Cognac taste to it.

Asda Extra Special Luxury Christmas Pudding is available from Asda

This taste test was one of our favourites to do and would happily recommend all of these cakes and puddings!

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