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Christmas Tried and Tested Panettone’s 2017

If you’re looking for the best Panettone, we’ve done all the “hard” work for you as UnderTheChristmasTree tried and tested 7 different ones to find out which one was the best. We were kindly sent these to review, below are our favourites:

Taste Test 2017: 9 out of 10Tesco Authentic Italian Panettone

Price: £8.00

Tesco Authentic Italian PanettoneThis beautifully wrapped Panettone was voted our winner, as you unwrap the smells of Christmas come flooding through. With a good proportion of juicy fruit the bread was soft, sweet and fluffy – as though it was homemade. The orange and lemon peel added to the flavour nicely and was not over powering, basically the more we ate the more we wanted.

Available from: www.tesco.com


Taste Test 2017: 8 out of 10Aldi Specially Selected Traditional Tuscan Panettone Classico

Price £

Aldi Specially Selected Traditional Tuscan Panettone Classico
Image credit: Aldi

Very elegantly packaged, Aldi’s Specially Selected Panettone has a good height and would make for a great afternoon treat. The bread was soft and chewy with the plump fruit being evenly distributed throughout. The vanilla notes work well with the candied fruits and citrus peel. Serves 5 and does last until the end of January.

Available from: www.aldi.co.uk


Taste Test 2017: 7 and a half out of 10Asda Extra Special Prosecco Panettone

Price £7.00

Asda Extra Special Prosecco PanettoneSoft and springy with a hint of sharp prosecco make Asda’s Extra Special Panettone one of our favourites. Packed full of flavour and very moist there was just enough sultanas and orange peel and is very rich – anymore fruit may have been to much. Melted in the mouth and tasted as fresh as a homemade version.

Available from: www.asda.com


Taste Test 2017: 7 out of 10Marks & Spencer Sugar Crusted Panettone 100g

Price £15.00

Marks & Spencer Sugar Crusted Panettone 100gLarger than average size, Marks & Spencer’s Panettone is as soft as a pillow, however what let this down was the sugar crusted topping as it did crumble and went far and wide quickly. The nutty texture highlighted the rich fruit well however one slice was enough, perfect for sharing around the table.

Available from: www.marksandspencer.com


Taste Test 2017: 6 and half out of 10Saisnsbury’s Italian Classic Panettone

Price £5.50

Saisnsbury Italian Classic PanettoneLight, buttery and a good classic Panettone, we hoped it would be a little more moist however with a good helping of butter it was lovely. Not as much fruit as some of the others however it did taste very Christmassy. The perfect sharer with friends.

Available from: www.sainsburys.co.uk


Do you prefer homemade or shop bought Panettone at Christmas? Share your thoughts below.

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