Cook In Style With Aldi’s New Tri-Ply Copper Pans

Christmas is one of those times of the year where there are lots of different pot and pans going all at once and we need something that is reliable and durable, so we put Aldi’s new Tri Copper Pans to the test which we were kindly sent through, here’s what we thought:

When we first lifted these out of the box we couldn’t help but admire the high-quality finish these copper pans had, they were light to lift and it felt as though the handles all had a good grip – perfect when draining those boiled potatoes!

The pans were a good deep size meaning they could hold quite a lot of food so it was ideal for cooking for larger groups or people. We received 4 of the copper pans so we’ll take a look at each individually. The 4 pans included a Saute Pan, Wok, Stock Pan and the Saucepan

Using the Saute Tri Ply Saute pan 28cm, was the first one we tried, it was a good weight to lift and was a good size which is great if your cooking for a lot of your family and friends. We diced carrots which are always on our Christmas dinner plate.

We placed some diced up carrots in the pan, put in a bit of butter and let it soften then we added the carrots which we cooked for around 10 minutes and they were then soft and ready to add in a bit of honey glaze to finish them off. Washing the pan out was so easy as nothing stuck to the pan and any butter that was still in the pan just washed away so quickly.

Next to try was the Wok 30cm: The really deep Wok, again ideal if your cooking for a large group of people, was  used stir fry vegetables, noodles and some soy sauce, a great alternative if your looking for something different try  at Christmas or for a boxing day meal. Again the pan had a copper finish with granite inside. Adding the mix in and cooking was great as the pan was deep enough to take all of the ingredients and nothing stuck!

Up next was the Tri-Ply Copper Stock Pot 24cm and we used this pan to boil up some potatoes – we don’t know about you but potatoes are a must in our households at Christmas. Again the pan was deep and also had a measure of how much liquid was inside at the side of the pot,  a great way to measure out how much liquid was in the pan. It had two good grip handles at the side which when the potatoes we’re ready for draining made it so easy to do. Placing the lid on was great as it didn’t get to hot so we could keep an eye on the food cooking.

Lastly was the 20cm Copper Saucepan with lid which also has the liquid measure imprinted on the inside of the pan so you can keep an eye on the amount of liquid etc in the pan. We used this pan to boil up some eggs as quite a few of us in the office love having a Boiled Egg salad for a starter at Christmas! The eggs boiled up brilliantly and again it was easy to lift and drain the water out. Over all we thought Aldi’s new Tri-Ply Copper Pans were brilliant, they didn’t stick, we’re easy to lift, cooked our food perfectly and we’re easy to wash out and store. Costing makes these affordable at Christmas!

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