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Could Argos Christmas 2019 Advert make dreams come true?

There’s under two months to go until the big day and that means even less time for the festive adverts, so have we guessed what this years Argos Christmas Advert will be? We’d like to think so!

Could Argos show just how they make dreams come true?

Image of Argos logo
Image credit: Argos

We earn a commission for products purchased through some of the links in this article

As we were browsing around the internet, looking for clues for the festive adverts (as you do!) we spotted a brand new advert over on the Argos website.

The image shows a magical sky filled with sparkle and rooftops covered in snow, What’s more the company also added ‘Dreams start here with our presents, trees and decorations…’ this HAS to be part of the TV advert, so as always we’ve came up with a dreamy theory.

Oh, and by the way before you read this, we did guess last years Argos advert with the fool, so we may even be right on this one…

The advert will begin with children drifting off to sleep or perhaps picking up a specific product, such as space rocket, which then sparks their imagination and, letting it run wild, they all dream dreams filled with new creations, superheros and much more. This will then move onto how these ideas and creations come true and it all started with just that one spark/product/toy.

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