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Could Coca Cola save Kevin the Carrot this Christmas?

Kevin the Carrot’s ‘haven’t-we-seen-this-somewhere-before?’ orange truck has crashed with no help in sight HOWEVER has Coca Cola came to the vegetables aid just in time?….

Could the RED truck save the day?!

Image of Aldi Kevin The Carrot truck
Image credit: Aldi

Ending in quite the cliff hanger, Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot was last seen dangling over the edge off a road-side cliff inside his orange coloured truck, which looks similar to the one that usually features in Coca-Cola’s festive advert with no-one to help.

In swoops Coca Cola who took the advert all in jest and even offered a helping tow, the company said on twitter:

Aldi responded with even more tongue in cheek with:

However will Coca Cola be the knight in red shining armor as they replied with:

So what do you think – could we see Coca Cola and Aldi teaming up together to help save Kevin the Carrot and did they just let slip the Holidays are Coming ad be released this week?

All we know is – SOMEONE HELP KEVIN!!

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