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Could Freeform’s Christmas ‘Wrap Battle’ come to the UK?

Let the battle of wrapping paper commence!  As Freeform announce its latest competition series which will see gift-wrapping gurus being put to the test, but will this come to the UK?!

Image credit: Pixabay

America is well known amongst us Brits for having things that we want. From 18″ pizzas for $8 to Beyonce, the Americans have got it all, including the hit Freeform show ‘Wrap Battle’.

‘Wrap Battle’ is an eliminating Christmas gift wrapping battle that see’s contestants compete against each other to win the prize of $50,000 – That’s a lot of money for some gift wrapping.

The show is a bit like The Great British Bake Off but with gift wrapping – It’s also strangely as addictive as the GBBO too.

Christmas wrapping paper
Image credit: Pixabay
In a holiday series showdown like no other, “Wrap Battle” will put the most gifted DIY-ers to the test. In the elimination gift-wrapping competition, contestants battle it out to deliver amazing results in different challenges in every episode, with each vying to win $50,000.
Get your scissors and two-sided tape ready, let’s get wrapping!.“Wrap Battle” is executive produced by Michael Levitt (“Hocus Pocus 25th Halloween Anniversary Bash”).
We have high hopes that the wrap battle will find it’s way across the water to the UK this Christmas, however currently no plans have been made –Bah-Humbug!

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