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Could This Be An Eastenders Christmas Spoiler?

Every year we look forward to hearing all about the Christmas storylines in soapland and as images from Metro appear to confirm Phil Mitchell’s return to crime  this year, it looks to be its most exciting yet!

Image: BBC pictures

As Hollywood actor, Patrick Bergin (think Dracula,) joins the cast of Eastenders as Phil’s friend Aidan Joseph Patrick Maguire it doesn’t take long for the two ex jailbirds to get back to their wicked ways.

Should we get ready for some explosive action this Christmas as Eastenders new villain prepares for  a Christmas storyline line that involves both Phil and our favourite Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter?

Speaking to Metro, Creative Director John Yorke enthused:  ‘EastEnders deserves the very best and in Patrick we are absolutely privileged to have a truly great actor join the show. It’s a huge honour to have him on board, where he’ll be working hand in hand with Phil Mitchell and Mick Carter to carry a truly explosive storyline for Christmas and New Year. We can’t wait to get started.’

Phil back to his old tricks and dodgy deals and with former cellmate and friend Aidan turning up we wonder just how this will affect the Mitchell clan this Christmas?

Share your Christmas storyline theories below.

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