Danny Dyer Teases Eastenders Storyline

Eastenders star Danny Dyer has revealed that the Carters will have a dark on-going storyline which will put Linda and Mick’s parenting skills to the test.

It has been reported that Lee and Nancy will put their little brother Oillie’s life in danger when they have a heated row, but things are about to get even darker for the Carters.

Danny Dyer who plays Mick Carter, has teased some upcoming storylines.

“The family are really tested strongly,” Dyer told the Mirror.

“Me and Kellie, Mick and Linda are tested parenting-wise. Something happens with Ollie and we have to deal with it as parents.

“We can’t quite agree on it and it starts to obviously affect our relationship.”

Last Christmas we finally saw evil Dean wicks put behind bars for his attack on Roxy.

The couples son Lee got engaged to Whitney who had previously tried to kiss Mick and Lee had a one night stand with Abi – who is likely to have an STI.

Could it get any worse for the family? The answer? It’s only just begun!

“This story tests us all on a powerful level and people will be quite shocked,” Dyer added.

“It’s going to get dark again, of course it’s going to get dark again, that is the game we’re in.”

What do you think the storyline will be based on and will it reach it boiling point at Christmas? Comment below and let us know.

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