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De-Stress After A Day Of Festive Shopping With Magic Olverum Bath Oil

Picture the scene, it’s almost Christmas and you’ve spent the day shopping in town with long queues and excited children, all while wearing the world’s most uncomfortable shoes. We were kindly sent this to review.

The first thing you want to do when you get home is get your slippers on, wash your face and chill out with a hot chocolate while you indulge in a nice relaxing bath. The only thing that could make it better is some stunning bath oils, which is where Magic Olverum steps in with their luxurious bath oil.

Olverum really is designed for helping you to de-stress after a busy day. With Lemon, Lavender and Exotic Verbena essential oils you will be left feeling physically and mentally relaxed and are set to have a great night’s sleep.

The oil is also excellent for fighting off symptoms of a cold as it also contains Pine and Eucalyptus oils which helps ease congestion. With just a few drops of this your whole house will be filled with the fresh and relaxing aromas of Magic Olverum Bath Oil.

To top all of that off, this is ideal for those of us who have dry skin (we blame the cold weather and not the fact that we forget to moisturize..) as it softens the skin, leaving it smooth and supple thanks to the refined plant oils.

We feel that Magic Olverum Bath Oil would make a gorgeous addition to any bathroom cabinet, and let’s face it, anything that makes us feel better after shopping is warmly welcomed (particularly after we’ve told our other halves how much we spent on our shopping trip…).

For more information and to buy, head on over to olverum.com.

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