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Deck the Halls with Waitrose Easter Egg Wreath

Waitrose launches a Christmas – no-sorry, an Easter Egg Wreath to don your door with and honestly?…it’s gorgeous!

Waitrose and Partners Easter Egg Wreath 2022
Image credit: Waitrose & Partners

Although we’re still feeling a certain kind of way about Easter (sort of!) stealing Christmas decorations every single year, there’s no doubt about it Waitrose new Easter decorations are stunning especially our favourite this Easter Egg Wreath which will also be available at John Lewis.

For £10, much like Christmas versions, this gorgeous wreath is to don your front door with and impress your neighbours.

Waitrose Easter Egg Wreath
Image credit: Waitrose & John Lewis

Packed with soft pastel tones of peach, pink, lilac and yellow and adorned with eggs and flowers we’d be happy to replace our festive wreath for this Easter version.

And that’s not all the UK grocer will be filling its shelves with this Easter, you’ll also be able to snap up Easter Crackers, soft toys and even a brand new range of celebration cakes – none that are similar to the seasonal fruit cake though in both Waitrose and John Lewis online and instore.

Waitrose and Partners Easter Egg Drip Cake

What can we say we’re suckers when it comes to seasonal decorations.