Decorelo Interior Expert – Adam Watson shares his advice on decorating your home for Christmas

Decorating your home for Christmas is never easy and just trying to find space for Christmas tree(s) and decorations can be a nightmare, so we got in touch with Adam Watson, head interior designer at Decorelo, who is as mad about Christmas as we are, and asked for some tips.

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Adam said: “I am an expert at this, (haha) I have 3 Christmas trees in my house – living room, hallway and kitchen and one in the garden.

So for my family, we remove all furniture from the living room apart from the sofas and the TV table. We also remove everything out of the Hallway and put it in the garage or shed if you have one or into the loft.

For the month all we want to focus on is Christmas and get into the spirit so anything non-essential is put into storage for the festive season.

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Next I get all my Christmas decorations out, I sometimes don’t use all of the last year’s decorations and buy a few new Christmas accessories every year to make it look a little different and freshen it up whether that be some new lights, baubles, wreaths etc.

If you have a small room you want either a small Christmas tree (3 or 4 foot) or just accessorise the room if it is really small and there is not enough floor space.  Instead you could decorate the fireplace or hang a wreath on the door and some Christmas lights in the window. Having Christmas scented candles lit also is just a small touch that can make a small room feel festive.

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Small Christmas accessories on shelves and replacing your yearly decorations also adds a nice touch to the room and does not take up any space.

Once that is all done, go and make yourself some mulled wine and get your Xmas shopping done online to enjoy the rest of the run up into the big day.”

Thank-you Adam for these fantastic tips and advice, we’re thinking we might just have to out-tree him this year!

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