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Disappointing Christmas? You’re not alone! 1 in 10 Brits will have a second Christmas this summer

Christmas is the perfect time for getting together with family and friends, however, due to the COVID pandemic, this was stolen away from us.

Image credit: Hayes Garden World
Image credit: Hayes Garden World

With restrictions easing in the UK, many are making plans for June 21st and beyond and it’s Christmas that is on the mind for many Brits.

Hayes Garden World conducted a survey of 2,412 Brits to see how we will be spending Summer and have discovered that 1 in 10 is planning on having a second Christmas, or “Junemas”.

The survey found that:

The majority of Brits (63%) will indulge in a traditional roast dinner
A daring 1 in 3 will cook their roast on the BBQ
Almost half (46%) are planning on giving gifts to one another
35% will have Christmas crackers
And 1 in 4 (27%) will put up and decorate a Christmas tree for the occasion

As it is the summer, many of us will be moving the Christmas party outdoors with 45% reporting that they will have Christmas in their garden and a further 35% are considering it.

Image of Hayes Garden World
Image credit: Hayes Garden World

Commenting on the data, Hayes Garden World’s Head of Ecommerce Lyndan Orvis said:

“We’re thrilled to see that 1 in 10 Brits are planning on coming together to celebrate Christmas this summer, now that it’s safe to do so.”

“Junemas seems like a fantastic idea. A lot of our customers are huge Christmas lovers so we can understand the excitement that they will get to visit family, have a roast dinner and give presents this summer to make up for lost time.”

Aldi was one of the first supermarkets to confirm they will be taking part in “Junemas” with favourites such as mince pies making a comeback this summer. Radio 1 also may be playing some festive music and other companies may be taking part.