Disney partner with Make-A-Wish for 2020 Christmas campaign

This year’s Disney Christmas advert has arrived, and this time it tells the heartwarming story of a grandmother’s relationship with her granddaughter. Watch the full advert below:

Time passes and now it is sixty-five years later and the young girl is now a grandmother and shares the vintage toy with her granddaughter. As the granddaughter grows into an adult she no longer wants to join their tradition and discards the Mickey Mouse toy much to the elderly woman’s disappointment.

Image Of Disney Christmas Advert 2020
Image credit: Disney

After looking at the family photographs displayed in the home, including a black-and-white picture of Lola as a young girl cuddling her Mickey Mouse toy. Will her granddaughter do something that will lift her grandmother’s spirits this Christmas?

Image Of Disney Christmas Advert 2020
Image credit Disney

This year, the Disney Christmas advert is being released in support of Make-A-Wish, a charity that helps fulfil the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

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