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Emmerdale Christmas Day 2021 Spoilers

A proposal, a family murder and a fire?… it’s going to be one heck of a blazing Christmas this year for Emmerdale fans. Here we have the scoop for the Christmas Day episode.

ITV Emmerdale Christmas 2021 - Manpreet and Meena
(C) ITV Plc

As always, the holiday season in soap-land isn’t always filled with merriment and cheer but more like lives at stake and families broken apart.

With that being said, here we have the low-down of what’s about to hit your screens this Christmas Day in Emmerdale.

The day starts with a flashforward of a fire blazing in the aftermath of a massive explosion, a lifeless hand is seen sticking out… Who’s life is on the line and how did the first start? The episode then unfolds six hours earlier as Al try’s to think of a plan to free himself of Gavin, but how far might he go?…

Emmerdale Christmas 2021
(C) ITV Plc

Will makes a massive decision to propose to Kim after she reveals that she removed the corpse so that Will no longer feels tethered to her, How will Bernice react?

Meena is doing everything she can to cast doubt on Dawn’s parenting and is willing to go to any lengths including trying to plant heroin on her, however, Manpreet stops her sister and starts to demand answers, but has her sister crossed a line? Viewers will see Meena stalking Manpreet with a broken bottle but will Meena kill her sister to keep her secrets?…

Over at the Dingles’, Sam’s gone all out to plan the perfect Christmas day. But can he win back Lydia?

ALSO: On Christmas day, Bob and Marlon hatch a plan to get April and Cathy speaking again. Charles is shocked when Harriet informs him on Christmas day that was her last service. As Harriet heads home, she takes one last look at St. Mary’s and removes her dog collar, bracing herself for her new future. Liam cherishes Leanna’s memory and pushes past the pain for the sake of Christmas. Billy proposes to an unsuspecting Dawn.

Who’s caught up in the blaze? and will Meena ever get caught, we don’t know if we can wait until Christmas day for answers!

Emmerdale will air on ITV 7pm on Christmas Day for one hour.