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Enjoy Your Favourite Christmas Tipple With These Drinks

Looking for something a little different to drink this Christmas? We wee kindly sent these in, take a look at some of our favourite holiday tipples which we have reviewed.

Tipple For Christmas

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Croft TwistCroft Twist Drink

We’ve all tried Croft Sherry which is the perfect after dinner drink but what about Croft’s new drink? Croft Twist is a refreshing drink which has Elder flower, Lemon and Mint making this the perfect refreshment after or before dinner. Elaine from our team said “I like the original Croft Sherry so I was keen to try the new Croft Twist.

When I first tasted Croft Twist I could taste the Elder flower which had a slight flower taste to it but was not over powering. Mixed with the mint and the lemon gave this drink a refreshing feel and taste and I thought that this would be perfect with biscuits and cheese after a big meal.”

Croft Twist can be bought from Waitrose for around £7.50 or you can find out more information about Croft Twist here

Stone’s Original Green Ginger WineStone's Ginger Drink

The perfect winter warmer, Stone’s Ginger Wine is the perfect drink to warm you up this festive season. Holly from our team said “I really like ginger wine so I was really excited to try Stone’s Ginger Wine and I have to say it did not disappoint.

It was full of flavour and had everything you would want from a ginger wine, it is rich and really does give a warming feeling which is great in this cold winter weather. I could really taste the ginger which was strong in flavour so I didn’t need to much. Stone’s Ginger Wine also went great with a splash on lemonade and would be the perfect drink to serve at a Christmas party for family and friends.”

Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine can be bought from Waitrose for around £6.50 or you can find out more about Stone’s Ginger Wine here

Tia Maria

Tia Maria Drink

Tia Maria is one of those drinks that you can have in coffee, as part of a cocktail or on it’s own. Mandy from our team said “I really like coffee liqueurs and cocktails and was looking forward to trying Tia Maria. To pour it is a deep colour and I could instantly smell coffee and it immediately reminded me of Tiramisu. I poured some into a glass and I could taste the coffee but that was balanced up with vanilla which both went really well together.  The Tia Maria had a fairly sweet taste to it, however when I added it to a coffee liqueur it was not just as sweet and left a nice, smooth after taste.

I then tried the Tia Maria with some cola and added in a slice of orange; I have to say this was really nice as the orange added a slightly bitter taste. I felt that the mix of Tia Maria, Cola and Orange made a really nice drink. Overall I thought this was nice on it’s own but worked best with a coffee liqueur or a mixer.

Tia Maria can be bought from TheDrinkStore.com for around £17.75 or you can find out more information about Tia Maria here

Smirnoff VodkaSmirnoff Vodka Drink

Smirnoff Vodka is the perfect drink to have at any table or party. It can be mixed with basically anything or can be just as nice on the rocks. Katy from our team said “I really do like vodka so trying this I have to say I was really impressed. I first tried a very small amount on it’s own and was impressed by how smooth the vodka was to drink.

I also tried this with a few different mixers such as cola, lemonade and then as part of a cocktail and could easily taste the vodka and felt that it worked well with both the cola and the lemonade.

The cocktail I made was Eggnog with a splash or two of vodka and while Eggnog has it’s own unique taste the Smirnoff Vodka gave a real kick to the festive drink. Overall I really liked the taste of the tripple distilled Smirnoff Vodka and would recommend using this in any Christmas cocktail.”

Smirnoff Vodka can be bought online from TheDrinkShop.com for around £15 or you can find out more information here.

We were delighted when ‘Your Sommelier’ sent us over a collection of 3 of their Christmas Wines and couldn’t wait to try them out.

Chateau Moulin de l’Esperance Sommelier Wine

First to be tasted was Chateau Moulin de l’Esperance a 2014 red Bordeaux and asked Katy for her thoughts on this.

Katy said: I really enjoy red wine and this is a dry red wine, exactly how I like it, fortunately the bottle had been opened to breathe for 30 minutes before I tasted it.  I think this classic Bordeaux would make an excellent addition to a Christmas meal and would pair perfectly with roast turkey or any red meat and is sure to impress your dinner guests.”

Blanc de Blancs Brut NV – Vincent StoefflerSommelier Wine

Mandy from our team was more than happy to oblige when I asked for her thoughts on this sparkling wine.

She said: I really enjoy white wine, my favourite being Chardonnay, and I was delighted when I discovered that this was one of the blends of three grapes (Pinot Blanc, Auxerrois,& Chardonnay) which made this wine.

You can never have too many bubbles at Christmas time and this dry white wine makes a great alternative to Champagne.  With hints of peach and apricot this is a delicious wine your dinner guests will love.”

Gros Manseng Moelleux 2016 sommelier wine

Once the Christmas main course is finished it’s time for something slightly sweet to end the perfect meal. We asked Elaine – who has a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoys a glass or two of wine, for her thoughts on this wine – this is what she said:

I have to admit that I do have a sweet tooth but when it comes to wine I much prefer a semi-sweet variety and the Gros Manseng Moelleux fitted the bill. With hints of candied fruits and honey this would make the perfect accompaniment to Christmas pudding, as an aperitif or just enjoyed on its own.”

For more information on ‘Your Sommelier’ wines visit www.yoursommelier.co.uk

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