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Exclusive Q&A: Katie Flynn, author of The Winter Rose

We chat to the Sunday Times bestselling author, Katie Flynn all about her brand new heartwarming Christmas novel – The Winter Rose.

Katie Flynn A Winter Rose - Holly Flynn

The legacy of Katie Flynn lives on through her daughter, Holly Flynn, who continues to write under the Katie Flynn name and she kindly answers our burning questions all about her new book, The Winter Rose plus she shares what Christmas is like in her household.

Firstly, Holly, it’s lovely to chat with you! It must be such a delight to be able to carry on your mum’s legacy by writing new Katie Flynn sagas how has this felt for you?

My mother’s last wish was for the Katie Flynn sagas to continue, so I feel both honoured and privileged that I’ve been able to fulfil her wishes. Not only do I feel closer to my mother when I’m writing, but the novels help to keep her memory alive, something that’s important not only to me and my family but for the thousands of fans who’ve bought her books from the beginning.

Following up on The Rose Queen, which saw the life, the main character Cadi had built up in Liverpool shattered, can you in three words sum up your new novel?

Intoxicating, empowering and gripping.

At the start of the novel, we see that Cadi is struggling with nightmares after the bombing and worries about joining the WAAF because of this, was there any part of you which wanted Cadi to take a different course and not go?

Strange as it may sound it’s not up to me! The characters take on a life of their own, and I knew that Cadi wouldn’t feel right helping Maria to run the Belmont, not after losing the Greyhound which she loved so dearly. I suppose much like it is with a child, you want them to be happy, and I knew that Cadi wouldn’t be happy if she didn’t join the WAAF

Throughout the book, we see the friendship between Cadi and Kitty blossom, what/who was the inspiration behind her character?

Characters have to have a reason for coming into the story, and with Poppy at the opposite side of the country, Cadi needed a yin to her yang and Kitty fulfilled the role beautifully.

The intertwined relationship between Cadi and Jez is packed with emotion and romance and we LOVED that the two reconnect at Christmas was it tempting to write a different ending?

There’s another book to come…

The Winter Rose is truly one to cosy up with on a cold winter’s night and we’d love to know what’s next for you.

I’ve just finished the final book in the trilogy – A Rose And A Promise – where we follow the characters through to the end of the war, and beyond!

And finally, we like to ask everyone we interview – What’s Christmas like in your household?

Christmas has changed massively since my parents passing and it’s now up to my husband and myself, to create the family Christmas, and we like to do that by carrying on the traditions that our parents set for us, such as making enough food to feed an army! Since moving to Anglesey however, we’ve changed the tradition of going for a walk in the park, to going for a walk down along the beach. I love the sense of normality at an otherwise hectic time of year.

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