Exclusive Q&A with The Fizz on their new Christmas album – Christmas With The Fizz

To celebrate the release of The Fizz’s (winners of 1981’s Eurovision song contest!) brand new Christmas album – Christmas With The Fizz, we caught up with Cheryl, Jay and Mike and talked all about the new album and what we can expect from the trio.

Image of The Fizz New Christmas album
Image credit: The Fizz

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1. We’re super excited to hear The Fizz are back this year with a new Christmas album but what made you decide on a Christmas theme?
We have always wanted to do a Christmas Album and now that we are recording with Mike Stock, we thought the time was right.

2.  What can we look forward to hearing on the Christmas album perhaps old classics or any original songs?
You will hear both originals and old classics, some done in completely different ways!

3.  Could each of you share with us your one favourite thing about Christmas?
Cheryl – My mum and dad were married on Christmas Day so it has always been my favourite time of year. It is a magical time for me and my family. I told my children that if they stopped believing in Father Christmas he wold stop coming, so they still believe in him!!

Mike – Christmas to me means panto!I love performing in panto because it is always so much fun and after the panto, I always go on holiday so that is even more fun!

Jay – Christmas for me is family. As a child, Christmas was a magical time and now I have a child of my own, I try to make it a magical time for her too. It is not just about gifts and tinsel, it is about love and happiness.

4.  Can we expect The Fizz to be on any Christmas TV specials this year?
I am sure that when the album is released we will be on television but nothing to report at present.

5.  What’s next for The Fizz?
Recording and promoting the two albums and we will certainly tour in the New Year with our new material.

6.  Could we see Cheryl return to DOI with The Fizz during a live performance next year?
Never say never!

It was wonderful to chat to The Fizz and what’s more to celebrate the launch of ‘Christmas With The Fizz’.

The Fizz – Christmas With The Fizz album will cost £12.23 and is available to buy from retailers including Amazon

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