Expert Advice: How to prepare your home NOW in time for Christmas

We’ve all been there. December 1st arrives and suddenly we realise we haven’t done any of the home improvements we promised ourselves that we would do so spend the entire month chasing time. We’re here to help as UK experts share their advice on how you can prepare your home NOW in time for Christmas 2018.

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Christmas home scene

Install A Stove

The stove experts at very kindly let us know their advice by saying:

“A stove or fire brings that ambience so many of us are looking for: the warm glow of flames, the cosy interior, the feeling of togetherness with family and friends. There is nothing quite like sitting by the fire at Christmas. If this is the picture you want for your home during the festive season, then now is a good time to get your stove installed. Getting ahead gives you plenty of chance to consider plans for your fireplace at your own pace, and means that you can also take your time researching the stove you would like, or even make any substantial changes to your home such as building an opening in the wall. This means that come Christmas time, you can enjoy simply sitting back and immerse yourself in the cosy comforts of your new fireplace.”

Decorated fireplace at Christmas

Make Your Guest Room Festive

We’ve received some tips from on how you can get your guest room in tip top shape for the festive season they said: “Winter is approaching fast, and with that comes the excitement of the holidays just around the corner.  Although Christmas may feel like some time away, no doubt you will have plenty of friends and relatives who are already planning on how and where they will be spending the festive season.

If your home always feels like it is the central hub of everyone’s social visits, it is important that you are ready for when those unannounced visitors come knocking.

Living room at Christmas

“Bedding: Store festive bedding and blankets in the wardrobe. This leave the option for visitors to add an extra layer of warmth if they get a bit nippy in the night. Use good quality sheets such as cotton or linen. And if you have space, you may even want to consider purchasing a luggage rack, to keep grubby suitcase wheels off the bed!

Accessories: Having festive flowers or a small bottle of your favourite Christmassy scent goes a long way to making your guest feel right at home. Moving on to bedtime, some guests may like to read before they hit the hay. So be prepared with a few good Christmas reads and leave them on the chest of drawers; it doubles up as décor for the room too! Lastly, pop an alarm clock on the bedside table. It might not seem like much, but it gives your guests freedom to take charge of their mornings.” – Great tips and ideas

Christmas cushions and accessories

We here at UnderTheChristmasTree like to think of ourselves as Christmas experts and are as full as Santas sack with advice, tips and tricks when it comes to planning ahead for the festive season.

Run your outdoor power points, whether your going to put on twinkling lights for those Summer BBQ parties or like us looking to see where we can put our outdoor Christmas decorations, you can run the cables now before the bad weather comes around.

Christmas outdoor lights

Update your kitchen – Start now because when Christmas comes around you certainly don’t want to be left without anywhere to cook the feast of the year. Write a list, be practical with what you want to achieve and set out to get on.

Kitchen at Christmas

We’re ready with our DIY hats and at this rate we’ll be done before Christmas even starts.

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