Experts predict the biggest Christmas interior trends of 2018

Curious as to what 2018’s hottest Christmas trends will be? Here, we ask top UK experts to share their predictions as to what trends, colours and fabulous decorations we should look out for.

2018 Christmas trends from the experts

Spring has sprung and while your main focus is on what new cushions to buy for Spring, we’ve rounded up what key trends you should be thinking about for Christmas from some of the UK top brands and experts.

Experts from Festive Lights share with us that bronze interiors and bringing the outside in will be key themes for your home. A spokesperson from the company said: “Soft and warm tarnished golds and burnished bronzes are currently popular in home interiors, and we expect to see this trend continue all the way to Christmas 2018. Keep an eye out for unique rose gold fairy lights and twee copper figurines.

Festive Lights Rose gold lantern fairy lights
Image Credit: (Festive Lights)

Incorporating the “bringing the outside in” trend that is bringing botanical prints and succulents into the home throughout the year will be popular for Christmas 2018 too. This is an easy trend to blend into your usual Christmas d├ęcor, especially if you’re a fan of the traditional Christmas tree, holly and ivy. We’re expecting to see this take off in lighting with decorative twig lights lit by LEDs and lanterns usually seen outdoors in the snow decorating porch entrances and hallways.”

Festive Lights Rose gold lantern fairy lights
Image Credit: (Festive Lights)

As everything in your home has a specific design strategy from colours to decorations – why should Christmas be any different?

Sam Lyle founder of Pines and Needles and Christmas tree supplier to the stars shares his tips for the perfect Christmas tree this year: ” When decorating your tree it is all about textures and layering no matter which theme you choose. Decide on which of your decorations you would like to be featured most prominently and place those first (those tend to be the largest or most detailed) and then use those as a basis to dress your tree around using your most small simple decs as ‘fillers’.

Pine and Needles founders - Josh and Sam Lyle
Image Credit (Pine and Needles founders – Josh and Sam Lyle)

Pines and Needles sold Harry and Meghan Markle their Christmas tree from the company’s store in Battersea Park in 2016 and with the announcement of the engagement, royal fever is in the air and everyone is desperate to get a hint of Royal heritage into their decorations.

Sam shares how you can add Royal sparkle to your home “Think deep red velvets, gold glass and silk ribbons hanging delicately. Detailed ornaments like small gold cherubs or some hanging crystal cut teardrops at the edges of the sumptuous branches.

Pine and Needles ornaments
Image Credit: (Pine and Needles)

These will compliment the larger glass red and gold baubles complete with many, many warm white lights. Inspired by rich reds and golds, the classic British festive look is bound to bring cultural heritage into your home. Pick classic red and gold baubles, traditional Victorian inspired decorations and crown shaped decorations to achieve the ultimate Royal look.”

Pine and Needles gold Christmas tree decorations
Image Credit: (Pine and Needles)

Although traditional red and greens will always be popular, every year sees new, emerging festive trends that can influence how we dress our homes for the season and 2018 is set to be no different as we look to embellish our homes with that luxe feel.

Expert Interior designers at Morph Designs reveal to us what trends they think are here to stay: “Here at Morph Designs we can’t get enough of blush interiors and believe they are here to stay for 2018.

Morph Designs bedroom interior look
Image Credit: (Morph Designs)

Key trend is to mix blush with greenery and add a touch of brass in the mix. Expect to see Christmas decorations featuring blush and metallic tones. Geometric vibes will be shining through with strong bold lines and shapes.

Top Tip: Creeping colour into a room scheme with blush textured cushions, metallics and brass framed mirrors will create the luxe vibe.

Morph Designs blush and bronze collections
Image Credit: (Morph Designs)

Christmas is without a doubt one of the happiest holidays we celebrate and your home also represents this. Whether you opt for classic traditional, Regal royal or luxurious metallics your home becomes a cosy escape from modern life.

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