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Explore, Play, Imagine and Create This Christmas With LeapFrog Epic

You’re tablet will be yours again this Christmas as LeapFrog introduces children to the new EPIC android tablet which grows and changes just as your child does.

Christmas Gift 2015: LeapFrog EPIC Tablet

Has you’re child asked Santa for a new tablet this year? If so here’s what we thought of the LeapFrog Epic when it arrived at our office.

Just like most LeapFrog products, the outer packaging is always bright, colourful and shows you exactly what the product is inside and the Epic was no different. With the tablet being shown on the front and the features being listed on the back, it took us no-time at all to get the gist of what this can do.

Opening the box, the tablet is secured with a soft foam mat to ensure no marks and scratches could be made. The green rubber surrounding the tablet meant that children could easily keep a grip and with an attached stylus nothing could go missing or get broken – great if you have younger children.

LeapFrog Epic

Switching on LeapFrog Epic and getting set up was a breeze, in fact we didn’t even need the instructions for most. Simply press and hold the green button located on the top of the tablet until you see the Leapfrog logo and music being played. As the tablet already had a little charge we could get started straight away however if you plug in the A/C adapter you can also set up whilst it is charging – the charge will last around 6 hours.

Going through all the steps including selecting what country you live in, registering an adult profile then a child’s profile we then downloaded all the apps and we were ready to play. The games were fun and educational, plus most are self explanatory and because these are age appropriate, children can play new games as they grown.

leapFrog Epic 7 inch tablet for children

Parents can control what games and apps are played or purchased and if you’re worried about homework not getting done, there’s no need, as you’re able to put a time limit on how long your kid can play for. The LeapFrog Epic is a clever tablet which is designed to grow as your child does by offering new games and challenges. We loved how seamlessly this was done and as we were able to set up more than one account for different age levels this meant the tablet could be shared easily – bonus, no more squabbling about who did what on the tablet.

The features (which are better than some adult tablets!) include:

  • Android™ based operating system
  • 7″ multi-touch capacitive screen
  • 16GB memory
  • Expanded LeapSearch™ Browser
  • 20+ Apps included

Overall if Santa is looking to place a tablet under your Christmas tree, we would definitely give the LeapFrog Epic the thumbs up.

You can buy the LeapFrog Epic tablet for around £119 by CLICKING HERE at Amazon UK and for more information please visit: LeapFrog UK

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