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First Look at Argos Christmas Advert 2018

Argos has just released its ‘foolish’ Christmas advert for 2018, with a mischievous fool determined to ruin the big day by making as much mischief as possible.

Someone’s going to be on the naughty list this year!

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The ad which airs tonight during Coronation Street on ITV and Gogglebox on Channel 4 from 9pm shows an impish creature with bells on its long ears unwrapping presents, breaking fairly lights and even knocking the fairy from the top of the tree.

Argos Christmas Advert 2018
Image: Argos

As the fool’s catastrophic seem to never end, an Argos Fast Tracker driver comes to the rescue. Given the troublesome creature a quick boot into his van, the foolish “star” of the show s met army of its kind who have also been thwarted in their quest to ruin Christmas.

Argos Mischievous Christmas 'Fool' up to no good

The advert (which runs 90-seconds) main aim is to tell shoppers Click & Collect is available at more than 1,000 locations, including Argos stores and collection points inside Sainsbury’s stores, and same-day Fast Track home delivery, Argos is there for everyone’s shopping needs, helping to fool-proof Christmas.

Argos Fast Tracker

Gary Kibble, Marketing Director at Argos, said: “Families across the UK work really hard to make their Christmas special, so when something doesn’t go to plan it feels as though there’s a mischievous force working against them. We created the fool as the cheeky embodiment of this frustration and the ad brings to life the tiny annoyances that can cause unnecessary festive chaos.

Last year Argos’s Ready For Take Off advert saw a action-pack ad where an Elf ensures all toys were on Santa’s sleigh, this years also see’s more fun and humor.

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OK we are just too excited now, who will be next?!!

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