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Five ways to beat Winter blues including Blue Monday

Looking to ward off those Winter blues? then we’ve got five simple tips to help you combat blue Monday and leave you feeling more upbeat.

Winter blue

They say the most depressing day of the year is the 18th January, with a combination of cold, dark mornings to a general drop in motivation but we’re having none of it!

We’re rounded up some great tips to help keep you feeling positive not just on Blue Monday but for throughout the year.

Reach out to those around you: A fantastic way to boost your mood is to reach out to family, friends or neighbours. This could be done via calling and having a small chat to a video call to put a big smile on your face.

Zoom Call

Get a good night’s sleep: Getting your head down for a long comfortable sleep is a must, so start by turning off your mobiles and tablets earlier in the evening and get to bed at a decent time!

Eat food that boosts your mood: We all know that eating better helps body and mind, so cram your plate with all those superfoods such as wholegrain, oily fish, flaxseed, berries and broccoli.


Exercise: Exercise such as a long walk, small jog, gardening or even home workouts all help to boot those positive vibes.

Make plans for the year ahead: Thinking positively about what changes and plans you have for the year ahead is another fantastic way to boost your mood. This could something you want to achieve such as growing a veggie for the first time to a random act of kindness or like us, we start thinking about what we can do now to prepare for Christmas…to early? NEVER!

Making Preparations

These tips are just a few of our own which we try to follow each year and we hope are a good way to start making your New Year a more positive one.

Please note these are only based on our opinions please reach out to the proper professional help such as Doctors for advice.