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Furby Boom – Polka Dots, Triangles, Waves, ZigZag, Peacock and Stripes

Available in bold new patterns including stripes and spots the new Furby Boom by Hasbro has 5 new personalities to discover and to top it off, it’s hatching a new generation.

Furby Boom features:

  • free App available
  • requires 4 1.5v AA batteries
  • own unique personality
  • interacts with other Furbys
  • suitable for age 6+

All Furbys start out with the same personality.  As you play, (remember to insert 4 x 1.5 v AA batteries) with them they develop their own unique personalities – it all depends how you play with them you can tickle, feed, pet, shake, hug, tilt, hold your Furby upside down and even pull its tail all of these actions will help shape your Furby.

With a mind of it’s own, the Fury Boom combines both physical and digital ways to play.  Have fun interacting with your new best friend and shape its personality as you go but beware treat it mean and you may not like what you see – but don’t worry you can change it’s personality by treating it differently.

Check out it’s dance floor moves, Furby has inner “beat detection.” So crank up your favorite tunes to check out Furby’s moves.

Put you Furby together with others and they will start talking to each other – provided they get along! Listen out as they might start to sing together.

You don’t need the app to have fun with your new Furby Boom, if you choose to use it you can hatch, raise and play with your digital furblings. Give your Furby Boom a name and it will remember it and the names of all other Furby Booms it meets.


Use the app’s monitor to keep track of your pets health, hunger and if it’s time for a check up give it an x-ray then head over to the pantry for a snack if it’s hungry.  After a snack, it’s time to freshen up so give your Furby a virtual shower.

There are six different ones to collect, from the sweet range you can choose either ZigZag, Waves and Stripes and from the sunny range you can choose either Peacock, Polka Dots and Triangles.


Your Furby will pack lots into its day and just like you, will become tired and if left unattended will start to snore before it falls asleep and once it’s dozed off noise won’t waken it up.  Furbies and water are not a good combination so keep your friend away from all watery places – including puddles.  Hasbro new interactive toy is suitable for age 6 and older.

Already being tipped at this years top Christmas toy for 2013, when UnderTheChristmasTree gets our YouTube demonstration on how you play, instructions and more, we will put it on this page.

Reviews for Furby Boom

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