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GEE WHIZZ from Drumond Park

Do you have a young budding magician in your home who’s just waiting to impress their very first audience? Then Gee Whizz, a magical box of tricks for younger kids, from Drumond Park could be just what they’ve been waiting for.Gee Whizz montage LR

Suitable for budding magicians aged 5 and over Gee Whizz is filled with amazing activities and tremendous tricks and comes with clear, easy to understand instructions.

Drumond Park understand that kids want to be able to show off their magician’s skills straight away and would quickly get bored if every trick needed hours and hours of practice. With this in mind they’ve cleverly designed props that enables children to perform tricks without intensive learning.Gee Whiz 3 kids playing LR

Each magical trick comes with easy to understand instructions which will keep your ‘Merlin’ entertained for hours. Get ready to be impressed when your trickster utters the words ‘Hocus Pocus Fishbones Chokus’ and magically grows a flower from the end of their magic wand.

Thanks to a few ‘Abracadabra’s or Sooty’s (remember him or am I showing my age?) Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy, and the push-button tricks that do themselves, your child can concentrate on their performance and dazzle you with their illusions.Gee Whizz contents tray LR

Inside the box, which itself is pretty impressive, are 12 tricks and optical illusions including magically making a parrot appear from an empty cage, a Magic Card case and a Cutting Rope trick giving mini magicians a great range of tricks and illusions to stun their waiting audience.

Each trick and illusion works exceptionally well and this helps encourage not only their confidence but also their imaginative and investigative skills too.Gee Whizz Brenden glasses LR

Drumond Park’s GEE WHIZZ provides children with confidence boosting magical tricks and activities.

This will be hugely popular this Christmas so make sure to ask Santa to keep a space in his sack for your copy of GEE WHIZZ.

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