Get In To The Festive Spirit With Our Reviewed Christmas Drinks

At Christmas time we love nothing more than having a a meal at Christmas time with family and friends and also enjoying a drink. Take a look at our favourite drinks below, all of which we were kindly sent to review:

Whisky Gin Christmas

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Haig Club ClubmanHaig Club Clubman

Haig Club Clubman which is the second release from the brand is a whisky for those who prefer a bourbon taste as this has been matured exclusively in American ex-bourbon casks. When we first poured some of the whisky into a glass, it was a light gold colour and reminded us a bit of Jack Daniels.

However Elaine from our team who tried Haig Club Clubman said: “I could instantly smell toasted vanilla and hints of spices neither of which were over-powering. When I then tried the whisky I could taste the bourbon taste which I really like, it was warm and left a smooth, clean after taste in my mouth.

I tried it with both just ice and then with a little bit of cola, I usually like my drink with some cola, and have to say that I preferred this whisky with a little bit of ice and I added in a slice of lime. Overall I thought Haig Club Clubman was a great whisky to drink and I would definitely drink this again.

Haig Club Clubman is available from Waitrose for around £25.00 and you can find out even more information about this whisky here

Monkey Shoulder Batch 27Monkey Shoulder Whisky

Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 is a blended scotch whisky which is an amber colour and is a rich and smooth whisky. Mandy from our team said “Monkey Shoulder is just one of those blended malt whiskies that is my ‘go-to’ drink it is really smooth for a blend and has some really great flavours. When I drink this I have it sometimes on it’s own but more often or not I use it as part of a cocktail or I have it with some coke and a splash of lime or ginger.
I have to say that it is very smooth and is not too peaty like some other blends can be. I could taste orange and vanilla with a hint of spiced oak which all balanced out perfectly.

Overall I recommend Monkey Shoulder to all those who like a blended whisky and for those who prefer a single malt I would suggest trying this as I think you will be pleasantly surprised!.”

Monkey Should can be bought at for around £29.00 and you can find out more information here

Marks And Spencer Spiced Pineapple And Lime DaiquiriM&S Spiced Daiquiri

Marks And Spencer have brought out a Christmas tipple – Spiced Pineapple and Lime Daiquiri which is a pre mixed drink. Mandy said of this drink: “When I first looked at this pre mixed cocktail drink from M&S I thought it looked really nice and would have a really nice, crisp taste to it. As per the instructions I gave the bottle a good shake before pouring and added some into a glass over ice.

I was really surprised by how warm this drink was, I expected it to be sharp with the pineapple and lime but it was not. It was spiced pineapple which gave the Daiquiri a bit of heat to it and would be the perfect drink to have on a cold winter’s night. Overall I really liked the taste of the M&S Daiquiri and would have this anytime!.”

Marks And Spencer Spice Pineapple and Lime Daiquiri costs £10.00 per bottle and can be bought from Marks And Spencer online here

Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell London Dry GinAldi London Gin

Aldi’s London Dry Gin which has been declared one of the best gins in the world costs just £9.95 and won gold at the International Wine and Spirits competition. Elaine from our team gave this gin a try. “I was really keen to try Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin as it had won big awards and I had heard rave reviews about it and I have to say the awards and reviews are very well deserved.

The gin itself is really smooth and had a great flavour. The gin itself has a really clean, light and refreshing taste to it and I could taste the juniper although this was not over powering and had a touch of spice to it. I added this to some tonic with a little piece of lemon and I have to say, this London Dry Gin made one of the nicest G&T’s I have ever had. I would highly recommend Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin to any gin fan and if your looking to start trying gin start with Aldi’s you will be glad that you did!.”

Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin costs £9.95 and can be bought in store only. Find out more information about this award winning gin here

Drinks For Christmas

Tomatin Legacy WhiskyTomatin Malt Whisky

Tomatin Legacy Whisky is a single malt scotch whisky which has been matured in both Bourbon barrels and Virgin Oak casks. Boasting aromas of vanilla with a crisp finish John from our team was more than happy to try out this single malt. “I am a really big fan of single malt whisky and have tried other Tomatin whiskies which I always liked. When I first poured the gold coloured,Legacy into a glass I could smell smokey flavours but it also had a lightness to it which was brought in by the Virgin Oak cask.

I take mine with a little bit of water and I have to say it tasted really nice and fresh, it had a slight peppery taste to it but it was not over-powering and I could also taste hints of citrus fruits such as lemon, pineapple and apple. Overall I thought all of the flavours worked well together and Tomatin Legacy Whisky is one of those easy-to-drink whiskies and I would have this again.”

Tomatin Legacy Whisky can be bought at Amazon for around £30.00 and you can find out even more information about this whisky here

Solerno Blood Orange LiqueurSolerno Orange Liqueur

Solerno Liqueur is the perfect base for any cocktail. It is blood orange in flavour and comes in a beautiful orange, gradient effect bottle. Katy from our team said “When I first poured the Solerno into a glass I did expect it to be like a blood orange in colour however I was quite surprised when it turned out to be really light in colour which is quite good as when I made my cocktail it didn’t have an over-powering colour. I tried a little of this on it’s own, just to get an idea of how strong it tasted and I have to say I could really taste the orange but as this was blood orange in flavour it had a sweetness to it which I really liked.

So I decided to use this as part of a cocktail and did a blood orange martini. I used vodka, ice cubes, orange juice and Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur and blended this all together. I have to say this is now my new favourite drink! It was fresh, tasty and I could really taste the blood orange liqueur although not overpowering. Overall I really liked the taste of Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur and would definitely use this for making some fun festive Christmas cocktails for my friends and family!”

Solerno Liqueur can be bought online at for around £29.75 or you can find out more information here

Loch Lomond Whisky Gift Pack

Loch Lomond Whiskies

Loch Lomond Whisky gift pack holds three different types of whisky, the original, the 12 year old and the 18 year old, all of which are single malt whiskies. Katy from our team tried all of these whiskies and said “I tried all three of these whiskies and all three had a smokey, peat taste to them but each had their  own unique flavour. The Original had a more peat and smokey taste than the other bottles and was smooth to drink. The whisky had flavours of orange, lemon but this was balanced out with hints of vanilla which gave quite a sweet taste.

The 12 year old whisky was smokey and had hints of vanilla and flavours of peach which again gave a sweetness to the whisky. It was very smooth and pleasant to drink. The final whisky I tried was the 18 year old which I think was my favourite out of the three. Again like the previous two it was peaty and smokey but as this had longer to mature in the barrel and had a real wood taste to it. I could also taste a sweetness like honey which I really thought worked well with the smokey flavour. The whisky was smooth to drink and overall I would buy this 18 year old again.”

Loch Lomond Gift Pack can be bought online from Loch Lomond Whiskies

Glen Moray Speyside Single Malt WhiskyGlen Moray Whisky

Glen Moray is a Speyside single malt scotch whisky which has been distilled on the banks of the River Lossie just outside of Elgin. John from our team said “I am a big fan of Glen Moray Whisky, it has a smokey oak taste to it but not over powering, it has a warm malty note and a  slightly sweet taste.

I could also taste hints of vanilla but this paired with the smokey oak tastes gave a smooth taste and left a nice after taste. Overall I feel that this Glen Moray Whisky is an easy, drinkable whisky and I would most definitely be having this again.”

Glen Moray can be bought online from Morrisons for around £20.00 or you can find out more information here

Spirits For Christmas

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman JackGentleman Jack Drink

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack is the new Double Mellowed Tennessee Whisky. The original Jack Daniels is a very popular bourbon in the UK and is sweet and has a smoky taste to it. Katy from our team who is a big fan of the original Jack Daniels tried this: “I really like the original bourbon Jack Daniels and I was keen to try the new Gentleman Jack and have to say I was not disappointed. It is an amber colour and when I poured some of this into a glass I could instantly smell oak and brown sugar.

I tried a sip of this and really enjoyed the creamy texture that this whisky has; it tasted of vanilla and brown sugar but that was then balanced up with fruits such as an apple which gave it a clean crisp finish. I would have Gentleman Jack again but I preferred it on it’s own with a little bit of ice.”

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack can be found online at for around £33.00 and you can also find out more information about Gentleman Jack here

Brockman’s Intensely Smooth Gin

Brockmans Premium Gin

Brockman’s Intensely Smooth Gin has been distilled in England from 100% grain neutral spirits. Holly from our team said “I really like Gin and with lots of different types of gins now available I was excited to try Brockman’s Intensely Smooth Premium Gin. I tried it both on it’s own with a little ice and as a G&T and have to say both are really nice.

I could taste blackberry, blueberries, hints of orange and with the juniper it gave the gin a really crisp taste. This gin really was very smooth to drink and left a clean, smooth taste in my mouth and I have to say this would also make a great addition to any gin cocktail. Overall I really liked the taste and how smooth this was and would drink again.”

Brockman’s Gin can be bought online at for around £28.50 or you can find out more information here

These are some of our favourite drinks to have over Christmas and we really enjoyed reviewing all of these!

What is your favourite drink to have at Christmas? Comment below and let us know or share using the social media buttons below.

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