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Get your singing skills ready with Carpool Karaoke Game

The first Carpool Karaoke Game, inspired by The Late Late show with James Corden’s hilarious car ride sing-alongs is now available to buy for Christmas.

Image of Carpool Karaoke board game
Image credit: Big G Creative

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So how do you play Carpool Karaoke Game? Using your favourite music app or streaming service, select a song and then duel other plays in song, dance moves or celebrity trivia for points. You might even be challenged to post your performance on social media!

Image of Carpool Karaoke board game out of box
Image credit: Big G Creative

To get started you need to choose your preferred method for playing songs i.e music app, streaming service, etc. Then place the Dashboard and the Challenge cards within easy reach. Set the team dials on the Dashboard to 0. Then separate into teams, there needs to be 3 teams and as even number as possible on each team however you can just have 1 member per team. Each team is given a Share It token and the person whose birthday is next gets the first turn as the lead performer for their team.

Image of Carpool Karaoke game
Image credit: BIG G Creative

Then it’s game on as you and the other teams try to get to 20 points to win the game! Carpool Karaoke board game is suitable for ages 12 years and up.

We can’t wait to give Carpool Karaoke a try!

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